Industry & STEM: Real world applications in the classroom

May 17
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We all know that we can teach theory and knowledge in the classroom, but it’s the application of knowledge that is key.

Fulton Hogan Construction and Edwardstown Primary School have been collaborating to give students the chance to address real world problems from the classroom.

Christie Evans, Year 6/7 Teacher, Edwardstown Primary School met several times with Fulton Hogan to select an appropriate problem that students could address with curriculum outcomes in mind.

The students were asked to develop a temporary flow path around a construction site to deliver 60 mega litres of water per day.

The school guided Fulton Hogan’s presentation to ensure students understood the problem and that they had enough – but not all – information. This allowed plenty of scope for students to research.

“I think it has been the richest, most rigorous learning experience I have ever been involved with and the results from the program were astounding. It is initially very teacher demanding but worth every hour of planning,” said Christie.

Watch the video here:

Christie will be discussing ‘Industry & STEM’ with Sue Gaardboe, Assistant Principal, Brighton Primary School in the Primary School Stream of the Improving STEM Education conference this August. Book soon to secure early bird rates!


Submitted by Maisie Holder

Maisie Holder

Maisie is a producer on Criterion’s Production Team. Originally from Essex, she has previously worked as a conference producer in the UK and has experience across the health, housing and university sectors. To the delight of her fellow colleagues, Maisie is a skilled cook and baker – she readily has her famous Millionaire’s Shortbread on hand for when that 3pm arvo slump hits.

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