Improving Teacher Efficacy for Evidence Based Research – Trevor Buchanan

Nov 18
Author:Ash Natesh
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Enabling support networks and a culture for professional learning:



  • Establishing teams and their priorities (one focus for development).  
  • Engaging in coaching conversations  
  • Engage in a mentoring process, including modelling of practice, cooperative planning and observation and feedback.  
  • Engage in reflective practices  
  • Challenge the team design


Challenge the standard team formation

Making time and Space

Professional Development is expensive and time consuming.

During 2015 – 2017, AWSS was spending on average, $4500 in release time for professional development.This did not include course costs, travel or entitlements.

What happened in the process was:

  • Teachers were removed from a regular class.
  • Missed learning opportunities for students.
  • Increases in behaviors for admin to deal with on these days.
  • Teachers still had to plan for the day, adding extra work to their week.

Countering the challenge of time:

  • Reducing staff meetings
  • Moving to online training rather than face to face
  • Introduction of further specialists.
  • Dedicating a space

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Ash Natesh

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