The evolution of customer experience from consistency to purpose

Jan 19
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This article was written by Strativity. All credit goes to Strativity.

The search to determine what customers want and ways to deliver it in a profitable way is a top agenda item for organizations globally.

Excelling in the customer experience is a strategic differentiator that delivers customer loyalty and advocacy. With the rise of social and mobile experiences, organizations have rushed to adapt to a more connected world by adding additional channels of engagement to allure and retain the customer or, in short, to stay relevant to a customer who is constantly seeking a shorter time frame to gratification with a greater amount of satisfaction.

For years, the investment in customer experience has grown with a great emphasis on listening to and understanding customers. Tools from “Voice of the Customer” to speech analytics provide organizations with deeper understandings of the different customer segments they serve. A diverse set of programs to become customer-centric followed those customer insights and created a culture focused on the customer. So how do you do it right?

Yet, customer experience comes in different flavors and, more importantly, is a moving target. Customers seek relevance, and the experience that delighted a customer in 2010 was different than one that will create relevance in 2017. It is changing based on what they have seen and experienced, and come to expect, in the past. As more and more companies improve their customer experience and remove hassles and obstacles to create seamless customer experiences, customers’ expectations are shifting. They no longer appreciate a simple, seamless experience. After a while, their excitement threshold will rise, and with it an increasing sense of dissatisfaction. They will seek new excitement that will require a new, upgraded experience design. That is especially true when customers bring with them a benchmark of other top brands with exceptional experiences. The context in which they judge your customer experience will change based on the brands that spoiled them and created a new set of expectations.

As organizations continue that pursuit and become customer-obsessed—and therefore customer- loved—brands, their design must incorporate one critical new element.

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