Ello, there’s a new social media kid on the block!

Nov 14
Author:Fiona Lam
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Just when social media marketers thought they had enough on their plate with all the social media platforms already out there, Ello swooped in on the already saturated space and launched their ad-free network. Is this just another social media platform that will fail or will it find its niche?

So what is Ello? Ello has billed itself the anti-Facebook and since its launch in late September it has been growing in numbers quickly. It is an ad-free social network created by artists and designers and currently in beta stage and invite only. The CEO, Paul Budnitz says it is a website that will be stripped down and simple and most importantly will not be selling personal data to third partners.

Since its launch, there have already been questions circulating in regards to how it will make money and whether businesses should be incorporating it into their marketing strategies. So, what does this mean for marketers? At the moment, most of the users are graphic designers, photographers and fashion students plus a mixed bag of others. However, some universities have managed to create their own account but have not posted anything. It seems that with its current members that it would be a great way to promote design courses or for fashion businesses to collaborate with Ello as Threadless have done.

While Ello is still in its beta stage and we are yet to see what potential there is for businesses to market themselves with only a handful having created accounts but not having utilised them yet. While it isn’t like Facebook where you can advertise of sponsor posts and updates it does have potential on a branding perspective. Until it launches to the public without requiring an invite it seems we will have to wait and see what’s next.

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Have you gotten an invitation to Ello? What have you been using it for and would you make the switch from Facebook to Ello? If you are a marketer, will you consider incorporating it into your marketing strategy?

Submitted by Fiona Lam

Fiona Lam

Fiona is a Marketing Manager with Criterion Conferences. She is passionate about travelling, pursuing unique experiences and inspiring people to get out of their comfort zone.

Her spare time is spent trying new activities such as jetpacking, trampolining and tree climbing but regularly participates in anti-gravity yoga and horse polo.

Fun fact about Fiona – Lived in Italy for a year to eat, study and find la dolce vita.

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