Ease your way to learning differentiation through tech

Sep 16
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Australian school principals suggest that teaching and learning with technology affords educators opportunities to shift from teacher centred to student centred learning (Moyle, 2006). Technologies are seen to be able to provide learners with a wide range of learning experience beyond those offered in traditional classrooms (BECA, 2003).

In today’s globalised world, schools are catering to 21st century skills demands by personalising learning to ensure students achieve their best learning outcomes, and the inherent need for practical and soft skills.

The rise of technology in today’s world is beginning to reflect in the education sphere, as teachers have a wide variety of spaces available for use in teaching. Schools can now use differentiated strategies for teaching, learning, student assessment and staff development using multiple environments – in physical and virtual spaces.

Maximising the use of technology supports staff and students to learn in ways previously not possible, and to practice various sorts of interpersonal relationships. Technology not only plays as a platform for communication and collaboration but also a tool to allow students ownership over their learning, as it can play the role of a mediator between teachers guiding and coaching students to achieve their learning goal.

How is technology currently used in classrooms? Are educators provided with the needed training to maximise use of technology? How are technological tools being used to enhance student assessments? What platforms can be used to increase collaboration among your staff?

On the 16th & 17th of November 2016, the Achieving Learning Differentiation conference will be taking place at the InterContinental Hotel in Sydney, featuring school leaders and teachers from best practice schools. Through case studies and implemented methodologies, you will be provided with a toolkit of new ideas, resources and strategies to be implemented in the context of your school and classrooms.

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