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Mar 16
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When the Process and Performance team was set up at Deakin, one of our key goals was to build BPM capability. This covered the usual trilogy of people, process and tools. We knew there was a huge appetite for process improvement at Deakin. We knew that Process Owners had a clear vision of ‘what’ they wanted to achieve:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Faster processing times
  • Fewer transactions
  • Fewer errors
  • Increased staff satisfaction

As we engaged with staff across the University, it became clear that many staff and Process Owners wanted guidance on ‘how’ to improve their processes. Where do I start? How should I document my processes? What should I do if my process involves another team that I don’t manage?

The Deakin community needed easy repeatable methods for:

  • Assessing process value and deciding where to focus improvement effort
  • Simple methods for discovering and communicating processes
  • Checklists for reviewing processes
  • Governance for transforming processes

Our methods needed to be lean, in plain English and require minimal training. We needed to demystify BPM!  

I look forward to sharing our simple 5 step ‘Process for Process Management’ at the Business Improvement in Universities conference, along with some of the templates and checklists that we use to facilitate process discovery and process improvement outcomes at Deakin.

Process for process management

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Business Improvement in Universities

Submitted by Janet Green

Janet Green

Janet Green is Project Manager at Deakin University.

2 thoughts on “Deakin University – the process for process improvement

  1. Hi Janet it will be great to meet you at the Conference. DVE works on process improvement projects across the sector so it would be interesting to compare notes. We are proud to support this conference as a sponsor.

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