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Feb 18
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Each year, CAUDIT members participate in an annual survey to determine the most important IT topics in higher education and research across Australia and New Zealand. Recently, CAUDIT released their 2017 report, which identifies and ranks these areas of interest according to their significance.

The CAUDIT Top Ten was devised to help shape the strategies of the decision makers in the higher education sector.

This in-depth analysis of the top ten spotlights of 2017 provides a forecast of the expectations for 2018. This comparative study highlights the trends across the past few years.

Here is a breakdown of the CAUDIT Top Ten:

  1. Student Success Technologies
    From 2014 onwards, Student Success Technologies were at the top of the charts. The growth of undergraduate enrolments has contributed to a more significant focus on improving outcomes for students. New technologies allow universities to execute a student-centered approach to help achieve student success.
  2. Digital Strategy
    Digital Strategy has remained as a popular topic since 2014. The growth of digital technology has impacted areas of teaching, learning, research and administration. Universities have recognised the rapid increase in innovation through the rise of non-traditional education providers. Universities must continue adapting their digital strategies and shaping their business model to the changing needs of the students to remain competitive.
  3. Information Security
    The increasing advancements in technology have placed information security in the top third position over the past two years. There have been an increasing amount of cyber attacks over the coming years. As a result, universities are seeking ways to minimise any potential cyber threats or attacks that could potentially damage their operations and reputation. A recent article from The Guardian discusses the financial risk of cyber attacks and offers potential solutions to reduce these risks.
  4. Delivering Services
    This subject has risen in popularity, sliding up the ranks from 12th to 4th. The increasing amount of changes in user demands indicates the importance that comes with meeting expectations in delivering services at an efficient level. However, this success relies on good collaboration between the ICT teams and service users.
  5. Secure Collaboration
    Evidence from previous reports shows that Secure Collaboration was at 5th rank in 2015. However, in 2016, the ranking of this topic had fallen to 22nd rank. Secure collaboration is positioned once again at the 5th rank for 2017. What do you think has contributed towards this shift in public opinion?
  6. Business Transformation
    The continuous changes in business functions have been contributed by external factors such as political, economic and social change and growing stakeholder expectations. This ongoing cycle has shifted this topic up to the ranks over the past few years into the CAUDIT Top Ten. However, the primary focus remains on reshaping the operations within universities to adapt to these consistent changes.
  7. Educational Technology
    Over the years, technology has become essential to achieving successful student outcomes. Technology has allowed students from different backgrounds and geographic regions access to higher education. Educational Technology has contributed to the growing amount of non-traditional education providers. Therefore, Educational Technology recently entered the CAUDIT Top Ten in 2016 and had remained on the list since.
  8. Workforce Evolution
    The higher education sector recognises the value of having ICT talent within the workforce. However, the limited number of ICT graduates combined with the growing demand for ICT talent in the higher education sector has provoked a high level of competition. Universities will have to reshape their environment to attract ICT talent. An interesting observation is that Workforce Evolution has remained relatively consistent over the years and was listed onto the CAUDIT Top Ten for 2016 and 2017.
  9. Sustainability
    A sustainable approach must be taken in providing efficient ICT service delivery. This topic is linked towards the increasing costs surrounding the reconfigurement and replacement of legacy systems. Therefore, sustainability has been placed in the CAUDIT Top Ten over the past two years with a focus on resolving efficiency challenges.
  10. Identity & Access Management
    The introduction of digital identities of students and staff has created many positive benefits for both users and management. Students can take on online learning courses while staff can work from home. The risks of digital identities revolve around the increasing amount of security breaches over the years. This vulnerability emphasises the need to take precautions to minimise cyber attacks from occurring. Identity and Access management has remained fairly consistent and has been ranked as 10th over the past three years.

Here are a few other noteworthy observations:

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Submitted by Lisa Nguyen

Lisa Nguyen

Lisa is part of the marketing team at Criterion. She is a detail-oriented planner who continues to implement her creative flair into designing promotional content for conferences. During her spare time, she loves to study ancient history, watch musicals and bake.

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