How can you set student-centric strategies to enhance student experience

Mar 19
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According to Forbes*, 84% of organisations fail at digital transformation; that’s a staggering statistic considering how far we have come with technology. 
Here’s the thing, these projects aren’t failing because the available technology is flawed – rather, these projects are failing because of a lack of empowerment of people and a lack of alignment to university strategy.
Allow me to demonstrate. In most universities digital transformation projects follow this process:
Technology: Let’s invite some software vendors for a ‘beauty parade’ and buy some – the more bells, the more whistles, the better!
Operations: Now that we have purchased technology, let’s hire some people that know how to use that technology.
Journeys: Once the new technology is implemented, let’s either continue with our current mass market approach to communicating with students or let’s undertake some very cool but overly complex student journeys that have an extremely long lead time.
Strategy: Strategy has been developed in isolation to all of the above (350 page powerpoint deck anyone?); or hasn’t been developed at all.
Sound familiar? Thought so. Think of that sequence above as the ‘Failure Formula’ for digital transformation.
In order to get yourself into a position to maximise your success at your university, you should take the following approach:
Strategy: What is our student experience vision? How do the university objectives align to this vision?
Journeys: What student journeys can we implement to deliver on this vision? Are they student centric? Do they support our university objectives?
Operations: What skills and training do we need to be successful? What team to we need to deliver these student journeys?
Technology: What technology do we need to execute on all of the above?
By setting a student centric strategy, building student journeys that support the university strategy with a team capable of delivering those student journeys you are now in a position to use technology as a key facilitator / enabler. 
Will Scully-Power & Marcus Zeltzer the Co-Founders at Data Scouts will be hosting a roundtable at the Student Experience conference to share the work they are doing in student centricity skills training and capability development. 

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