Business Change: From Disruptor to Differentiator

Jan 19
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This article was written by the Harvard Business Review and sponsored by Strativity. All credit goes to Harvard Business Review and Strativity.

Change Endurance Is the New Competitive Advantage

Change is no longer the exception to the rule. It is the new rule. You can’t expect to be a high-impact leader in your organization if you’re not prepared to master the relentless, unforgiving, ever-accelerating disruptions in markets, technology, culture, and lifestyle. It’s a new world of perpetual change. The track record of change programs is disappointing at best. As those changes represent new strategies and opportunities for organizations, failing them or diminishing their scope has detrimental impact on the future of the business. A failed change program is a failed strategy to be relevant and competitive in the marketplace.

As this study illustrates, current change programs are failing to deliver the desired results within the required time frames.

Today’s approach to change bears several flaws. Change is no longer a singular event, and it should not be treated as a program. It is a new daily reality that requires long-term change endurance. Most change programs are designed for the C-suite and not for employees. The tone and narrative of those change programs dictate change to the employees; they do not integrate employees in the process. Lastly, the programs fail to connect the future to the past and, as such, threaten a departure from what employees perceive was a good performance.

In short, we need to change the way we change.

Our work involved over 175 organizational transformations in 21 countries, including mergers and acquisitions, strategic initiatives, new markets penetrations, regulatory investigations, and recalls. Throughout the work, we discovered a simple truth. Change does not happen in the boardroom but rather on the front line. It is employees who determine the strength and scope of the change program success. We recognized that it is only when we engage employees earlier and develop together a credible authentic narrative and roll out for the upcoming change that success will be achieved. Strativity’s employee-centric change program creates a holistic transformation that respects the past, clarifies the future, and most important, creates the vision, the purpose, and the hope employees want to be part of.

To compete and succeed in the future, organizations need to treat change as a marathon, not a sprint. New changes and transformations in endurance need to be developed and become an integral part of organizations’ daily existence. Change endurance in an always-evolving world will become the new core competence to stay relevant for customers. Products, processes, channels, and technologies do not change by themselves. They are driven by people, your employees.

We invite you to reinvent your organization’s change endurance and develop the new competitive advantage: always evolving.

Continue reading the full article about change endurance.

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