Capalaba Town Centre Revitalisation Project

Apr 19
Author:Ash Natesh
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The Capalaba Town Centre Revitalisation Project aims to deliver a world class active urban plan for the heart of Capalaba.

The council is seeking the expertise and creativity of the development industry to provide high quality development outcomes in the 2.05 hectare site which is located within the commercial hub of Capalaba town centre.

The Redland City Council is working on this project in partnership with Redland Investment Corporation. They recently held an expression of interest campaign to recruit a development partner to deliver the project.

The vision for the project includes the reinstatement of current civic assets that include the Capalaba Library, Customer Service Centre, Arts Centre and Hall.


Capalaba Timeline by Criterion Conferences

The key focus of the project is to create an urban heart at the town centre Capalaba which is located to the Northern Gateway to the Redlands Coast.

Some of the key areas of Development that the project will be covering are:

  • The council will be looking to improve public transport access and make Capalaba metro ready
  • The Eastern Busway is a key regional project that they will be working on to achieve connected and transport integration activity centre.


Don’t miss your chance to hear from a key decision maker of the Capalaba project, Mayor Karen Williams, Redland City Council, QLD. She will be sharing her insights on:

“The Capalaba town centre project and the revitalisation strategy to improve public transport access, provide new library and community facilities, and transform the precinct into a safe, innovative and environmentally sustainable town square.”

Mayor Karen Williams will be speaking at the Revitalising Town & City Centres Conference on the 25th & 26th June 2019 in Sydney.

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