Dec 19

An Orange Christmas

After a year of milestones, expanding into new industries and delivering a record number of events, Criterion’s long anticipated Christmas party was a night of laughs, good company and fun. Adorned with our usual spectacular costumes, this year’s fancy dress theme was all things beginning with ‘C’.  A cheese and cracker made an appearance as … Continue reading An Orange Christmas

Dec 19

Criterion inspires change this Christmas

For many, Christmas is a time of celebration, yet it weighs heavily on the minds of those unable to provide for their families due to hardship.  This year, Criterion Conferences opted out of Secret Santa to instead donate gifts to families who otherwise might not receive any. Criterion partnered with Salvation Army and arranged an … Continue reading Criterion inspires change this Christmas

Dec 19

A Week in Criterion – by intern Lachie Bloore

Criterion Conferences was delighted to have Lachie Bloore join us for a week as an intern. He worked across teams and immersed himself in B2B corporate life. Here’s what he had to say about his experience:  On Sunday night I was thinking everything would be very serious and sort of like the office movies where … Continue reading A Week in Criterion – by intern Lachie Bloore

Oct 19

Criterion Concerto: Karaoke with a Cause

That wasn’t a football match you could hear on Friday night but Criterion putting their vocal chords to the test for a worthy cause. The Karaoke Night fundraiser united the company in ear-splitting solidarity to raise money for charity.  The event saw staff donate $5 to nominate a colleague for a vocal performance, with the … Continue reading Criterion Concerto: Karaoke with a Cause

Oct 19

Out of the office and into the kitchen

A team of 15 Criterion employees traded their phones for ladles and keyboards for chopping boards to cook for those in need last Thursday.  Our Big Kitchen is a community-run industrial kitchen preparing meals for disadvantaged people across Sydney and Criterion was eager to assist.  Staff embodied the company purpose, bringing people together to inspire … Continue reading Out of the office and into the kitchen

Sep 19

Purposeful work: Criterion redefines its ‘why’

Cath Jules started Criterion Conferences with a desk, phone and computer in the corner of a friend’s office. Ten years on, the company is a bustling hub of 70+ people driving social change and solutions to the biggest challenges facing Australian businesses.  Given the evolution of the company, Criterion saw it fit to re-define the … Continue reading Purposeful work: Criterion redefines its ‘why’

Jul 19

The Criterion In-quiz-ition

“Which gender has the XY chromosome?” Concerned murmurs fluttered through the tables of wizards, basketball players, Cluedo figurines and Christmas elves.  In a gamble round, teams were asked how many points they wanted to gamble. “We’re all in!” most teams declared, putting their hard-earned points on the line in the name of glory. After a … Continue reading The Criterion In-quiz-ition