May 18

Managing inconsistency across local government regulation

Inconsistency surrounding the implementation and enforcement of regulation is a challenge that permeates across local government jurisdictions as well as between state and local governments. Common issues include a lack of guidance and resources from state government when implementing new regulations, as well as a lack of standardised enforcement approaches across local jurisdictions. The result … Continue reading Managing inconsistency across local government regulation

Apr 18

New planning code for the missing middle

The NSW government this week released a new draft code for low-rise medium-density housing in an effort to curb Sydney’s crippling housing affordability problems. The code will allow for one and two-storey dual occupancies, while also introducing manor housing and terrace dwellings as new terms meeting the definition of “medium density”. The new system will … Continue reading New planning code for the missing middle

Mar 18

Integrating missing middle housing – are communities ready?

The huge population growth in and around Australia’s major cities is common knowledge, along with an understanding of the benefits of creating cities where people live and work in close proximity. As a solution to housing supply, high density apartments are not broadly the right solution for Australians. They are expensive and often just too … Continue reading Integrating missing middle housing – are communities ready?

Jan 18

Toolkit for town centre renewal

Fostering an economically vibrant town centre is a complex challenge. Those involved in revitalising and renewing need to deliver initiatives that will help centres grow into economically and socially vibrant places. The Committee for Sydney is developing a toolkit to help guide the renewal of suburban town centres across Sydney. As stated by the Committee … Continue reading Toolkit for town centre renewal

Nov 17

Big data, Compliance & Enforcement

Regulators are embracing analytics as a powerful tool to find answers, gain insights and identify red flags and are busy developing new forms of data analysis. But even with sufficient access to a wealth of data about their clients, regulators are at very different stages of development in their use of advanced data analytical techniques … Continue reading Big data, Compliance & Enforcement

Aug 17

Legislative solutions to policy problems

As one tool in the armoury of government to solve policy problems, enacting legislation can be costly, politically driven and lengthy to implement. Specialists within government who are responsible for the processes behind legislative reform need to determine if and when legislation is the right tool to solve a policy problem. This means that problem … Continue reading Legislative solutions to policy problems

Jun 17

Key questions regulators need to answer today

Knowing how best to regulate behaviour in a rapidly changing and technology-driven environment is the big challenge for regulators today. We have seen a move away from a focus purely on the reduction of red tape, towards efficient and effective regulation that delivers better outcomes. A number of regulatory designs enable this trend, whether it … Continue reading Key questions regulators need to answer today

Jun 17

Unprecedented education infrastructure spend

Clearly the school capacity crisis facing our major cities has well and truly reached the spotlight, following the announcement in last week’s NSW state budget for a $4.2 billion education infrastructure spend. The Victorian state budget has also invested significant funds and we’ve seen the creation of two state planning organisations within the last 12 … Continue reading Unprecedented education infrastructure spend