Technology update to improve caregiver experience

Dec 18
Author:Ash Natesh
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Technology is developing at a rapid rate and as a result there has been massive changes in the aged care industry. Not only is technology enabling elderly people to lead healthier and more independent lives, it is helping carers and medical professionals monitor their health, to ensure they get the help they need, when they really need it.

With a growing ageing population, an increasing number of companies are focusing their attention on developing technologies for this age group.

We have summarized 5 valuable technologies to look out for, some of which is available already:

Mobiles / Tablets

Mobiles and tablets help monitor movement, it can help caregivers get an idea of whether or not their patients are immobile or moving.


We know that companies like Silver Chain have wearables like the silver chain alarm which is a pendant that contains a button which, when pressed, automatically calls our emergency response team.

Health Monitors

For those living at home, it can be a stressful experience having to travel into the hospital or doctors for regular health checks. However, there are now many health monitors available, which can take readings on a regular basis and then feed data into a central monitoring point.

Smart Contact Lenses

Although they are not quite ready yet, it is something that will be in the market soon. Electronic lenses will be able to help monitor things such as glucose levels, with other researchers looking at ways they can monitor whether someone’s glaucoma is progressing.

Smart Pills

Taking medication can be a question of life or death. However, smart pills, which have edible sensors inside, can now be taken at the same time as normal medication. Once ingested, they send information to a mobile device, making it easier to track medication usage and to make sure that the medication has been taken in the right dose at the right time.


We have Giovanni Siano from Home Instead talking about the technology that Home Instead is developing for rostering and Rosie Walia at Multicultural Care talking about the various technologies they are developing in their care facilities at the Innovation & Technology in Aged Care Conference, 13th & 14th March 2019, Sydney.


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