Developing and executing a customer experience strategy requires considerable effort. But when it’s done right, the payoff is significant.

May 18
Author:George Bej
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As it approaches the precipice of Consumer Directed Care (CDC), Australia’s Aged Care industry faces intrinsic challenges when it comes to customer experience strategy development and driving a more customer centric culture.

Who is the customer?

Historically, the industry has relied heavily on government funding to provide care for residents. Moving forward, competition for the hearts and minds of our ageing population intensifies; residents already question the mass market approach to aged care and savvy, choice oriented families have higher expectations of service delivery than ever before.     

What is the customer value proposition?

Traditionally, providers have been strongly focussed on the administration of clinical, physical and psychological care within a regulatory framework.  Increasingly, consumers reject this compliance-centric approach and instead, desire a more individual and experiential existence, underpinned by social connection, personal control and the preservation of self-esteem.  

How quickly is the competitive landscape changing?

The highly-fragmented sector, dominated by not for profit providers, is now the focus of both large corporates, with proven track records in growing market share; as well as more nimble, entrepreneurial business models, providing new care experiences to our rapidly aging demographic. 

As part of the 2016-17 Budget, the Government announced reductions to ACFI (“Aged Care Funding Instrument”) to slow the rate of growth in expenditure. Coinciding with this unprecedented top line pressure is the dramatically escalating acknowledgement, across the aged care sector, that a customer-centric approach is pivotal to improving resident wellbeing and outcomes. A more customer-centric orientation appears imminent. But is it

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George Bej

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