Aged Care Technologies on the forefront of 2019 Agenda

Jan 19
Author:Ash Natesh
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As revolutionary aged care technologies are being trialed and implemented across the nation, innovation and research is once again high on the agenda for many Aged Care Providers across Australia.

So let’s delve into what 2018 had on its agenda?

Virtual reality driving simulators to test whether seniors can keep their licenses, apps that allow dementia sufferers to stay in their homes, and online simulated training for residential carers. The Aged care sector is going high tech with a $34 million federal government funding boost.

Silverchain’s Achievements: Enhanced Medical Mixed Reality Technology (EMMR) is about to transform the way they deliver aged care, allowing older Australians to continue to live at home, even if their health deteriorates. Silverchain has started driving technology to bring in-home hospitals to life with their EMMR technology.

Ascom’s Achievements: In a continued effort to improve the quality of aged care, Ascom has deployed smart technologies, including wireless, smartphone and wearable devices, to modernise the delivery of services at Anglicare South Australia. The tech they are currently working on are:

  1. Ascom teleCARE IP wireless – An emergency call system with integrated wander management and messaging to ensure help is at the right place, even when a resident is unaware. Accurate resident location aims to reduce alarm and staff response time.
  2. Wandering management pendants – Wearable devices that provide the identification of residents, as well as the ability to raise a nurse call alarm.

In news that could smash stereotypes, the ageing population have been found to benefit from video games that help them reduce chronic low back pain from the comfort of their homes. New research from the University of Sydney has discovered older people can lower their pain by 27 per cent using the technology, which is comparable to the benefits achieved under programs supervised by physiotherapiststechnology

What is happening in Japan?

Kinoshita Care in Japan is working on robotic technologies to revolutionise the aged care industry in Japan.

Kinoshita Care, which first introduced social robots into its facilities in 2012, has recently started investing in care robotics including the purchase of 40 robot power suits that support care workers to lift and move bed-bound residents.

2019 Predictions for Australia:

Tech makes a big entrance in the Retirement Living and Aged care space. Some key solutions are recognized as Essential Services, just as Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulics, and Architects start paying attention to the benefits of certain IT systems earlier in the design process; new projects start receiving more significant Tech funding as a result. Fear of tech still persists with the customer however, and the Aged Care Provider must think of ways to manage those concerns in areas where quality of life can be improved.

Vision Enhancements: Vision Enhancements that have already been on the front line in 2018, will get more attention in 2019. Two of these visual aids, IrisVision and Relumino, integrate vision-enhancement software into Samsung Gear VR headsets with Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The software can be customized for specific low-vision conditions, such as macular degeneration, cataracts and severe myopia. Then, images from the smartphone camera are recreated to be viewed more easily based on the user’s unique vision problems

Caregiver Monitoring: Reemo Health has turned Samsung Gear smartwatches into remote monitoring devices. Using the watch’s sensors, Reemo tracks the wearer’s quality of movement, heart rate, sleep patterns and other relevant health data. Care providers are starting to look into more Data Driven technologies to better their services for the future.


Learn from key Aged Care providers like Multicultural Care, Home Instead Senior Care Australia, Thomas Holt, Community Vision and more on their technology journeys and challenges.

The Innovation & Technology in Aged Care Conference has a case study packed agenda that helps you network with key stakeholders from community care providers to more commercial care providers to get a wholistic picture on where Aged Care Technology in Australia is headed.

Date: 13th & 14th March 2019

Location: Sydney

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