Purpose & Values

Our purpose is bringing people together to inspire change

Our purpose defines why we do what we do; something that is really in our DNA.

We want every person who attends a Criterion conference to feel inspired to make a change in their organisation. We bring together people from multiple sectors and organisations to empower them with knowledge and lasting business connections.

Our values

Our values guide and help us to work towards our purpose.

We hunt opportunities

We continuously seek out and create new possibilities – from identifying individual team members’ potential for further development, to ensuring our conferences address a timely and pressing gap in their respective industries.




We believe in each other

We trust our team mates and hold each other accountable for being reliable, trustworthy colleagues. We value integrity, honesty and consistency to make ours a workplace where every person is supported and empowered.





We are agile, bold and courageous

We encourage creativity, new ideas and calculated risk, and we are always willing to try something new. We’re fearless in our pursuit of change, quick to adapt and poised to surmount any challenges that come our way.




We collaborate to produce great results

The shared effort behind our achievements is recognised and valued. Effective communication is integral to our success and we are open in our feedback and acknowledgement of each other’s strengths and accomplishments.




We are fun loving and wonderfully weird

We believe in laughter, energy, a sense of community and the celebration of our individual quirks! Our diversity is an intrinsic part of who we are. We work hard, but we have fun while we’re doing it.




We are passionate about quality

The quality of our conferences, our research and our relationships – both with each other and with our customers – defines our work. We are 100% committed to delivering outstanding conferences that we can take pride in.








Our customers are at the centre of everything we do

Through our products and services, we enrich, grow, empower and connect our customers. We build genuine relationships that are professional, responsive and engaging by continuously developing and maintaining a strong customer bond.