About Us

At Criterion Conferences, we pride ourselves on independent research practices.

Starting out in 2009, we’ve grown to a team of 70+ employees with a host of successful conferences Networkingspanning across Australia. Striving to be first to market with solutions to the big issues, we take the time to talk to businesses and organisations to get to the heart of their key challenges.

Our conferences focus on developing tangible solutions through discussions and presentations from our specialist panels. From keynote speakers to international experts and Government Ministers, we ensure all perspectives are covered.

We believe in building relationships with notable experts, leaders and peak bodies. It’s these relationships that are key to bringing people together at our conferences, masterclasses, summits, workshops and awards ceremonies. In today’s fast-moving online environment, we believe it is even more important to bring people face to face to discuss and debate.

What makes us different?

  1. Right time, right place: All of our conferences are researched specifically to address the right topics at the right time
  2. Not the same/same: We run a mile from events where it’s the same speakers year after year saying the same thing
  3. Criterion Agenda Advantage: We value the integrity of the agenda. Our conferences focus on issues and solutions, not sales pitches