Adapting to an evolving employment landscape & re-engaging youth on a pathway to meaningful employment
Conference Date
26th & 27th June 2019
Ibis Melbourne
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Building a cross-sector network to strengthen youth employment outcomes

Youth unemployment continues to be a big issue in Australia. Nationally, around 12.4% of all young people are unemployed as structural and personal barriers impact the ability for young people to secure work and transition from education to employment.

On top of this, the employment landscape is rapidly evolving; pathways are less linear and the impact of Industry 4.0 means that young people now will be stepping into new jobs that might not exist yet.

Whilst this brings new opportunities it also creates more choice, confusion and challenges for young people. However, one thing is clear, youth need to be more adaptable, resilient and equipped with the right information, skills and work experience for the next wave of change and innovation. So how can we achieve this and re-engage youth on a pathway to meaningful employment?

The Youth Pathways to Further Education, Training & Employment conference will bring together representatives across government, community, education, employment and industry to collaborate and showcase national and local approaches to provide young people with a more seamless transition to employment.

Hear from leaders across education, employment and industry across a highly interactive program

Attend and learn
  • Strategies to build cross-sector partnerships to enrich youth employment opportunities
  • How to work with disengaged youth and young people with mental ill-health
  • Innovation happening in school to work transition and new entry pathways
  • Tools, skills and resources to support youth career management and navigation
  • How to better align education, training and industry to improve youth employment outcomes
  • About the changing job market and effective approaches to prepare young people for the future of work
Who will attend?
Representatives from
  • State & Federal Government
  • Local Councils & LLENs
  • Private & NFP Employment Services
  • School, University & Vocational Education & Training (VET)
  • Youth NGOs
With responsibilities for
  • Skills & Employment Services
  • Community/Economic Development
  • Education Pathways & Transitions
  • Industry Partnerships
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Youth Support & Engagement

Attend to learn:

  • National & state government initiatives to drive youth employability
  • Building strong cross-sector partnerships to support skill building opportunities
  • Community infrastructure to deliver employment solutions & link youth to local opportunities
  • Effective pathways & strategies to re-engage disengaged youth
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Key Speakers

Jenny Lambert
Director, Employment Education & Training
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Baden U’Ren
Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship & Director, Business Commercialisation Centre
Bond University
Dr Lyndal Groom
Branch Manager, Student Participation
Department of Education & Training
Robin Kuhne
General Manager, Education


What People Are Saying

  • “The Youth Pathways conference was well paced and very informative. There were
    plenty of opportunities for interaction with the speakers and for networking with
    other participants throughout both days.”

    Helen Watkins
    Vocational Education and Training Coordinator, Swan Hill College


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