Improve productivity by normalising mental health in the workplace
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19th & 20th May 2020
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Kate Rattigan
Deputy Secretary, People & Executive Services Group
Department of Education & Training Victoria
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Stephen Hayward
First Assistant Secretary, Health Services Division
Department of Home Affairs
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Shannan Quain
Chief Human Resources Officer & Executive Director of People & Culture
Department of Child Safety, Youth & Women QLD
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Julie Nielsen
Executive Director of Health & Safety
Worksafe Victoria
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Dr Tessa Bailey
Research Associate, Centre for Workplace Excellence
University of South Australia
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Kash Thomson
Psychologist & Consultant
Director - YES Psychology & Consulting Pty Ltd
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Associate Professor Karina Jorritsma
Professor of Practice, Future of Work Institute & Lead of Thrive at Work
Curtin University
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Sarah Stone-Tolcher
Program Officer
Department of Human Services
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James Wallace
Head of Safety & Wellbeing
Sydney Water
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Lucas Finch
Health & Wellbeing Specialist
Sydney Water
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Michael O’Hanlon
Workplace Engagement Manager
Beyond Blue
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Geri Sumpter
Workplace Engagement Lead
Beyond Blue
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Peter Gould
Service Manager, Workplace Health
Redland City Council
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Cassie Alexander
Assistant Secretary, Human Resources, Corporate Services Division
Department of Finance
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Samantha Vecchio
Branch Coordinator, Medicare & Veterans Health
Department of Veteran Affairs
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Anna Finnegan
Director, Performance & Wellbeing
Attorney-General's Department
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Rebecca Quinn
Director People & Culture
Parks VIC
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Katie Dunn
Senior Director, People & Performance
ACT Education Directorate
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Karen Batt
Victorian Branch Secretary/Federal Secretary
Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU)
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Senior Representative
Mind UK
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