The 8th
Redefining the future of the APS
Conference Date
18th - 22nd November 2019
QT Canberra
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Day 1 - Tuesday 19th November, 2019

Registration, coffee & networking
Welcome remarks from the Chair
KEYNOTE OPENING ADDRESS: Managing the transition from a technical specialist to a generalist role
  • Building the confidence to step outside your comfort zone
  • Understanding how to sell yourself in your new role
  • Learning how to rebuild your network
Jaala Hinchcliffe
Deputy Ombudsman
Commonwealth Ombudsman
A personal perspective on women & leadership: Yesterday, today, tomorrow
  • How the public service has evolved over the last 30 years
  • What the APS gender equality strategy is seeking to achieve
  • A vision for women and men in the APS of the future
Stephanie Foster
Deputy Secretary, Governance
Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet

In this fun, interactive session, you will have the opportunity to meet fellow attendees and speakers in two minute bursts, to exchange business cards and set up conversations for the rest of the event.

Morning tea & networking
Leadership – Passion, purpose & empathy
  • Importance of passion, purpose and motivation
  • Challenging traditional models of leadership
  • Leadership in a changing world
  • Attributes of an effective leader
  • Inspiring and supporting others to succeed
Senator Rachel Siewert
Senator for Western Australia
Australian Greens Party
PANEL DISCUSSION: Making women feel like they belong in government & politics
  • What can we do to make women feel like they belong in government and politics?
  • How can we expand the role of women in politics?
  • How can we show that joining the APS is an option for young women?
  • What needs to change systematically to encourage more women into the APS?
Sarah Liu
The Dream Collective
Anna Dwyer
Senior Sergeant
Queensland Police Service
Developing resilience to challenging situations as a woman in the APS
  • Resilience and role changes – transitioning from remote Indigenous communities to HQ
  • Managing mental health through gratitude
  • Building resilience as a woman of colour in a white male-dominated industry
Anna Dwyer
Senior Sergeant
Queensland Police Service
Networking lunch

In one of 2017’s most iconic moments, Larissa Waters breastfed her child, while passing a motion before the Senate. Just an ordinary occurrence for Larissa, but a signal to everyone else that
women belong in Parliament.

In this session Larissa will talk about her views on authenticity, the culture of politics, juggling parenthood with work and her surprise at the impact that one moment had!

Senator Larissa Waters
Senator for Queensland
Australian Greens Party
Are you resilient or are you a martyr?
  • Knowing when to ask for help – one of the keys to becoming an effective leader
  • Learning from challenging experiences and remaining effective in difficult times through knowing our strengths and our limits – so we know when we’re reaching them
  • Rachel will reflect on the experiences that have helped her become more resilient as an individual and her insights into building resilient teams
Rachel Balmanno
First Assistant Secretary, People, Communication and Parliamentary Division
Department of Health
Afternoon tea & networking

Find the fine-line between management & leadership. In this interactive session, come together to debate and discuss as a group the best way to strike a balance between management and leadership and the different ways to inspire and motivate your teams.

CLOSING KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Driving innovation under the constraints of the Public Sector
  • Lessons learned about what it really means to be an innovator
  • How can we enable innovation in a safe way – shifting to a genuine fail fast culture
  • Raising the profile of women as leaders of significant change
Amanda Cattermole
Deputy Secretary, Health & Aged Care
Department of Human Services
Closing remarks from the Chair & close of Day One

Please join us for networking drinks

Day 2 - Wednesday 20th November, 2019

Welcome, coffee & networking
Welcome remarks from the Chair
KEYNOTE OPENING ADDRESS: Achieving and sustaining success as a female politician

Julie Bishop began her pathbreaking public career as Member for Curtin in 1998. Julie was Australia’s first female Minister for Foreign Affairs and the first female Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party, a position she held from 2007 to 2018. Julie will deliver vital lessons drawing on her career and leadership experience.

The Hon Julie Bishop
Former Foreign Minister of Australia & Former Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party
Having an impact today, to leave a lasting impression for future generations
Liz Cosson AM CSC
Department of Veterans' Affairs
Not one of the first, but still one of the few: life as a female Officer in the Royal Australian Navy
  • Navigating roles where you are the only female senior advisor to Command, or the only female at all
  • The challenges of balancing a military career with parenthood, and her husband’s military career
  • Discussing my most recent operational deployment, where duties were managing investigations into civilian casualties, and how this tested resilience as an officer and parent
Commander Sarah-Jane White, RAN
Deputy Director, Operations and Security Law
Royal Australian Navy
Morning tea & networking
Paving the way as one of the first
  • Strengthening resilience and resolve to succeed in a maledominated industry
  • The importance of building a strong professional network
  • Reflections on the journey to the top and advice to overcome the biggest challenges
Dr Cathy Foley
Chief Scientist
PANEL DISCUSSION: Navigating career breaks & changes
  • Investing in yourself – evaluating when it’s time to take a break or make a move
  • Understanding what is important to you, and why you want to make the change
  • Developing a vision or action plan to help you get to where you want to be
  • Rejoining the workforce after taking some time off – what you need to know
Tracey Duffy
First Assistant Secretary, Health Products Regulation, Medical Devices & Product Quality
Department of Health
Vanessa Holben
First Assistant Secretary Aviation & Maritime Security
Department of Home Affairs
Senator Deborah O’Neill
Senator for NSW
Australian Labor Party
Networking lunch
Defining your leadership path
  • Career progression – my journey to EL2 and overcoming the challenges along the way
  • Managing the work-life balance as a single parent in the APS
  • Practical advice for career progression
Jo Chivers
Director, Indigenous Connections, Governance, Quality & Access Branch, Higher Education Group
Department of Education
Driving your APS leadership journey
  • Role models that inspired my leadership journey and career in the APS
  • Building a support network and coaching relationships to enhance career development
  • Strategies to build confidence and step outside your comfort zone
Christine Steele
Acting General Manager, Property & Tenancy Services
Defence Housing Australia
Afternoon tea & networking
PANEL DISCUSSION: Leveraging mentors to enhance career development
  • How to develop a mentor relationship – finding support outside your immediate circle of influence
  • Being honest – sharing your goals and aspirations to get the most out of the relationship, not letting hesitation hold you back!
  • Is it time for you to become a mentor? Deciding when it’s right to help the next generation of female leaders
Kerri Hartland
Department of Employment, Skills, Small & Family Business
Ross MacDiarmid
Chief Executive Officer
Royal Australian Mint
Marina Costelloe
Acting Branch Head, Mineral Systems Branch, Resource Division
Geoscience Australia
Justine Gough
Commander - Manager Crime Operations
Australian Federal Police
The Hon Anna Bligh AC
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Banking Association & 37th Premier of Queensland
Closing remarks from the Chair & close of Conference
Workshop A: Emotional Intelligence for Public Sector Leaders
Monday 18th November 2019, 9:00am – 4:30pm

Emotional Intelligence reflects our ability to deal successfully with emotions – it is vital to personal and professional success, enabling us to build effective relationships with key stakeholders and understand the impact of our emotions on our thoughts, decisions and actions. Leaders who have highly motivated teams, advanced communication strategies, embedded trust, teamwork and collaboration also have highly developed EI.

This workshop will show you how to utilise EI as a key factor in employee/leadership performance and success. The workshop will teach you how to lead others, through managing your own emotions and enabling you to be in touch with other’s emotions, therefore managing relationships and leading your team to success.

Key learnings

Unpacking the 5 components of EI

  • Self-awareness – what do we feel and why do we feel it?
  • Self-regulation – the ability to express our feelings in the right way
  • Motivation – what drives us to change the way we feel and express?
  • Empathy – how we relate to others’ emotions and see the world through their eyes
  • Social skills – how we communicate effectively and build strong connections

Developing & building your level of EI

  • Understanding and labelling our own emotions
  • Determining what activates our own emotional triggers and how to manage them
  • Expressing what we feel in a way that will not negatively impact on others

Emotional Intelligence to foster followership

  • Understanding emotional drivers of your colleagues and stakeholders and learning how to ‘read’ their emotions
  • Exploring practical applications of EI and expanding your emotional agility to generate buy-in as a leader

Creating Emotionally Intelligent teams

  • Getting to know your people and understanding what value they can add beyond their role description and KPIs
  • Improving communication between yourself and your team – ensuring your team feel comfortable to express when they feel overloaded
  • Developing creative ways to help your team manage stress

Price $1099 + GST
*Refreshments provided

Maree Walk
Founder and Principal Consultant
MW Consultancy
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Key Speakers

The Hon Julie Bishop
Former Foreign Minister of Australia & Former Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party
The Hon Anna Bligh AC
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Banking Association & 37th Premier of Queensland
Liz Cosson AM CSC
Department of Veterans' Affairs
Jo Chivers
Director, Indigenous Connections, Governance, Quality & Access Branch, Higher Education Group
Department of Education