Develop key leadership skills & strengthen your network to thrive as a female healthcare leader
Conference Date
18th - 19th February 2020
Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney
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Day 1 - Tuesday 18th February, 2020

Registration, coffee & networking
Welcome remarks from the Chair
Cath Nolan
Principal Coach & Managing Director
Gender Gap Gone
Forge your future leadership path
Cath Nolan
Principal Coach & Managing Director
Gender Gap Gone
Convert obstacles to opportunities
  • Turn frustration into fascination to maintain focus and drive
  • Learn from mistakes and overcome the fear of failure
  • Develop key strategies to deal with bias and other challenges
Dr. Moureen Wong
Director, Strategy & Development, Cumberland
Western Sydney Local Health District

In this fun, interactive session, meet fellow attendees and speakers in three-minute bursts to exchange contact information and practice important communication and networking skills.

Morning tea & networking
Beyond the boys club – Overcoming the challenges of being pigeonholed at work
  • Branching out beyond your day to day and finding valuable ways to contribute
  • Understanding where the real decision-making is done
  • Moving around to broaden your skillset
  • Clearly understanding your worth and where your strengths lie
Rachel David
Chief Executive Officer
Private Healthcare Australia
Being aware of what success looks like for you
  • Understanding that success comes in many forms
  • Looking for what you can learn in each opportunity
  • Building a network of mentors and motivators
Denise Thomas
General Manager
Metro Rehab Hospital
Drive clinical innovation as a healthcare leader
  • Understand key opportunities and threats to success
  • Identify key processes and approaches to ensure progression
  • Leverage research to support your innovation & communicate its value
Andrew Stripp
Chief Executive
Monash Health
Networking lunch
PANEL DISCUSSION: The anatomy of a healthcare leader

What does a true leader look like to you? What do you want your leadership legacy to be? Explore and debate these questions and more in this interactive panel discussion with esteemed leaders
from the healthcare industry.

  • Explore the anatomy of a leader and what a positive legacy means to you
  • Cultivate followership through trust and authenticity
  • Determine your vision, message and values to define your purpose
Amanda Jones
Chief Executive Officer, Director of Nursing
Westmead Rehabilitation Hospital
Laura Barnett
Chief Executive Officer
Hirondelle Private Hospital
Dr. Moureen Wong
Director, Strategy & Development, Cumberland
Western Sydney Local Health District
Andrew Stripp
Chief Executive
Monash Health
Tami Photinos
Executive Director, Community & Oral Health
Metro North Hospital & Health Service
Align your rostering strategy with best practice

Producing positive outcomes for patients is a business imperative. Staffing levels and staff wellbeing are increasingly being directly associated with patient outcomes. Cassandra will share how she tackles this challenge and leverages workforce management to produce the best possible outcomes.

  • Attract and retain skilled staff by understanding their challenges
    and needs
  • Improve your ability to forecast workforce needs to create a robust
    staffing plan
  • Proactively manage staffing schedules and nurse workloads to
    ensure staff satisfaction, even with limited resources
Cassandra Walton
Director, Rostering Best Practice
NSW Health
Afternoon tea & networking
Leading an organisational culture that supports patient experience
  • The importance of leadership in the development of organisational culture
  • The role of organisational culture in patient experience
  • Case study-Implementing an organisational culture that support patient experience at Gosford Private Hospital
Jennifer McNamara
Director of Clinical Services
Gosford Private Hospital
Elevate your communication skills to improve your engagement
  • Learn how to foster a connection and build rapport through modelling and other strategies
  • Develop communication channels to bridge the gap between clinicians and leadership
  • Create win-win scenarios and resolve conflict in difficult situations
Arabella Macpherson
Founder & Communications Coach
Resonate Communications

Sip on champagne and discuss key takeaways from the Day.

Closing remarks from the Chair & close of Day One

Day 2 - Wednesday 19th February, 2020

Welcome, coffee & networking
Opening remarks from the Chair
Cath Nolan
Principal Coach & Managing Director
Gender Gap Gone
KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Advice to my younger self

With a long standing career in healthcare, Teresa has accumulated a wealth of experience and has learned a lot throughout the years. Reflecting on her career journey so far, Teresa will discuss:

  • How to transition from healthcare expert to leadership executive
  • Strategies to make your value more visible and stand out for promotions
  • Reflections on the journey to the top and lessons learnt along the way
Teresa Anderson
Chief Executive Officer
Sydney Local Health District
Build better relationships to underpin your healthcare career

A strong network of supporters is key for your journey to the top.
Sponsors and mentors can help accelerate your growth, while networks
can guide you along potential pathways to success. But, in a role with
often unpredictable hours, how do you successfully grow your network
of support? Sara will discuss her strategies to cultivate these important
relationships as a healthcare professional.

  • How to better access and benefit from mentors and sponsors
  • Tips to break into new networks when time poor
  • Strategies to foster longer lasting and more meaningful professional relationships
Sara Brentnall
Divisional Manager, Health Independence Program & Ambulatory Services
Austin Health
Morning tea & networking
INTERACTIVE ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: Engage in interactive discussion rounds where you will address & debate common leadership challenges faced in healthcare today
  • Table 1 – How can we provide a supportive workplace environment that leads yields better patient care
  • Table 2 – How can we ensure patient outcomes are always front of mind for entire care teams
  • Table 3 – How can we empower our teams to improve patient-provider communication under increasing time constraints
Drive change & transformation in the healthcare setting
  • Manage the difficult transition from manual to automated systems as a leader
  • Explore how to justify significant system changes before the board for approval
  • Break through barriers to staff and clinician buy-in when it comes to transformation projects
Melanie Gates
Head of Business Transformation
Ramsay Health Care
Kate Munnings
Chief Operating Officer
Ramsay Health Care
Networking lunch
PANEL DISCUSSION: Develop a work/life balance that works for you

When it comes to work/life balance, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. What works for some may not work for all, especially in an environment with such diverse demands. In this discussion, explore the various ways to strike this essential balance, particularly in the stressful and time-poor healthcare industry.

  • Maintain balance without sacrificing ambition or patient needs
  • Juggle priorities and know when you can and can’t say ‘no’
  • Optimise your performance inside and outside of work
Denise Thomas
General Manager
Metro Rehab Hospital
Deanne Portelli
Chief Executive Officer
Forster Private Hospital
Kate Munnings
Chief Operating Officer
Ramsay Health Care
Strengthen resilience & resolve as a leader in healthcare
  • A story in personal and professional courage
  • Strategies to bring your best self to work when things are challenging
  • Understand the principles of resilience to maintain peak performance
Bronwyn Masters
Executive Director, Operations
Royal Adelaide Hospital
Afternoon tea & networking
Develop a strengths-based approach to your leadership
  • Ensure your key competencies are aligned with your role
  • Develop a plan to build the kind of strengths required
  • Foster a strength-based workplace culture to improve staff satisfaction
Rachel Fojtik
Director Analytics & Performance
Mater Health
Create your authentic leadership style
  • Lead with integrity and generate buy-in as an authentic female leader
  • Keep true to yourself and celebrate your strengths and uniqueness
  • Develop a leadership vision based on your values
Finny Staples
Director of Business & Nursing Services
Virtus Specialist Day Hospitals
Closing remarks from the Chair & close of Conference
Workshop A: Emotional Intelligence & resilience for a sustainable leadership career
Monday 17th February 2020, 9:00am – 4:30pm

In the dynamic and demanding healthcare sector, leaders must be able to manage complex and competing challenges while navigating the highs and lows of the job. To fast-track leadership success and thrive even in the most stressful of times, it is crucial to develop a keen understanding of not only your emotions and how they impact your abilities on the job, but also the emotional drivers of your colleagues, staff & patients. This comprehensive, hands-on, full-day masterclass, will expand your mindset, strengthen your resilience, and hone your emotional intelligence to enable growth & advancement.

Key learnings
The secret weapon of self-awareness

  • Identify and build your true strengths and value as a female leader
  • Develop your unique value proposition and learn to communicate your value to others
  • Enhance your self-awareness and self-regulation to remain centred in difficult situations

Emotional intelligence to foster followership

  • Understand emotional drivers of your colleagues, staff & patients and learn how to ‘read’ their emotions
  • Explore practical applications of EI and expand your emotional agility to generate buy-in as a healthcare leader
  • Cultivate a positive workplace culture through EI to encourage team resilience to change

Foster a resilient mindset to overcome setbacks

  • Determine what activates your own emotional triggers and how to manage them
  • Develop strategies to perform productively through high-stress & high-pressure times
  • Build confidence to overcome imposter syndrome, self-sabotage and your own unconscious bias

Achieve maximum potential through resilience

  • Use mindfulness to re-frame negative thoughts and improve your Emotional Intelligence
  • Reach your goals and squash doubt through resilience and a strengths-based leadership approach

*Refreshments & lunch provided

Cath Nolan
Principal Coach & Managing Director
Gender Gap Gone
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Workshop B: Communication skills to increase your influence as a female healthcare leader
Thursday 20th February 2020, 9:00am – 4:30pm

Good communication is one of the most fundamental elements of successful leadership and a key skill to help you position yourself for career progression. Nowhere is this more visible than in healthcare, where communication is part of every aspect of your role. But, to advance your career in this highly competitive industry, you must have the ability
to move beyond effectively expressing your thoughts and ideas, and really expand your influence, be it with fellow staff and clinicians, patients or your superiors. Through this interactive and engaging workshop, you will delve into advanced communication strategies to elevate your leadership, successfully negotiate, overcome relationship crises, and ultimately leave a lasting impact as a strong female leader.

Key learnings
Master the personality puzzle

  • Consciously determine how others are motivated and what they value
  • Quickly identify different communication preferences and adapt for the best response
  • Become clear on how to communicate in any meeting or conversation

The subconscious impact

  • Understand the subconscious mind and its decision making criteria to influence others
  • Explore nonverbal, paraverbal and linguistic techniques to aid communication
  • Fine-tune pitch, tone and speed of your speech to improve engagement

The power of listening & questioning

  • Generate trust and discover motivations through active listening
  • Learn how to use reflective, deflective and leading questions to direct conversation

Negotiation & managing tough conversations

  • Methods to resolve conflict and break out of the dreaded drama triangle
  • Develop confident negotiation skills for any situation
  • Reduce resistance and gain cooperation to create winwin scenarios
  • Easily transform objections into opportunities to strengthen relationships and help generate buy-in

*Refreshments & lunch provided

Claire Harrison
Executive Coach & Facilitator
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Key Speakers

Kate Munnings
Chief Operating Officer
Ramsay Health Care
Andrew Stripp
Chief Executive
Monash Health
Laura Barnett
Chief Executive Officer
Hirondelle Private Hospital
Teresa Anderson
Chief Executive Officer
Sydney Local Health District