Achieve an agile space & methodology for today & tomorrow’s generation
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30th & 31st May 2017
Dockside, Sydney
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  • Date: 12 Apr 2017  By: Jessica Farrelly

    “It’s what you do, how you are able to go about your work and who is alongside you that matters the most when it comes to job satisfaction.” That’s according to a new report by Curtin University and Making Work Absolutely Human, titled ‘The happy workers: How satisfied are Australians at work?’ Some of the …

  • Date: 21 Feb 2017  By: Racha Kamal

    The word agile can be used to describe a space or methodology. In the context of different organisations, the definition of the word differs. So what exactly is agile and why is it becoming important for organisations to apply it? “The goals of organisations in adopting agile work are to create a more responsive, efficient …

  • Date: 11 Dec 2016  By: Bianca Baddock

    As the world advances, technology becomes a key enabler to supporting how we work and live, thus offering productivity gains. We are taken to a place of flexible working arrangements that operate independently of time and place. Cardinia Shire Council has achieved this by becoming the first activity based workplace (ABW) in Local Government Australia, …

  • Date: 4 Dec 2016  By: Jessica Farrelly

    Increasing demands from workers and a changing pace of technology calls for companies to rethink their workplace. It holds the key to success and will be vital in securing a competitive advantage. This ebook compiles contributions from previous speakers at Criterion’s Workplace Innovation conferences, including: Brad Krauskopf, CEO and Founder, Third Spaces Group   Deborah …