2nd Annual
Aligning your strategic vision with operational planning to drive performance and maximise resource efficiency
Conference Date
27th & 28th May 2020
Victoria University City Convention Centre
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Professor Robert J. Allison
Vice-Chancellor & President
Loughborough University UK
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Kylie Colvin
Director of Strategy, Development & Delivery
University of Nottingham, Malaysia
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Dawn Freshwater
University of Western Australia
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Sean Elwick
Chief Information Officer
Swinburne University of Technology
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Anthony Elliott
Chief Operating Officer
Open Universities Australia
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Nicola Powell
Director, University Planning and Statistics
Monash University
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Louise Davidson
Executive Director, Strategy, Planning & Performance
University of Melbourne
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Rebecca Murray
Vice-Principal (Strategy)
University of Sydney
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Dr Marco Schultheis
Chief Strategy Officer, Office of Strategy and Planning
Curtin University
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Patricia Alner
Director of Planning & Information
Bond University
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Sami Yalavac
Chief Information Officer Australia and New Zealand
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Dr Anand Kulkarni
Associate Director, Planning, Performance and Risk
Victoria University
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Nicolene Murdoch
Chief Executive Officer
Western Sydney University, The College
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Rebecca Ostergaard
Associate Director, Enterprise Applications
University of Western Australia
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Rebecca Armstrong
Deputy Director DITM Projects
University of Canberra
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Sharone Ciancio
Director of Corporate Services
Australian Catholic University
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Omer Yezdani
Director of the Office of Planning and Strategic Management
Australian Catholic University
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Frieda Maher
Program Director
UNSW CRM Project
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Teresa Tija
Vice President Planning and Registrar
Victoria University
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