Australian Policy Online

Australian Policy Online offers easy access to much of the best Australian social, economic, cultural and political research available online. APO is a news service and library specialising in Australian public policy reports and articles from academic research centres, think tanks, government and non-government organisations. The site features opinion and commentary pieces, video, audio and web resources focused on the policy issues facing Australia.
Innovative Research Universities

IRU is a network of seven comprehensive universities conducting research of national and international standing and applying collective expert knowledge, capabilities and resources to enhance the outcomes of higher education.


The IRU network has national reach, with an institutional presence in every mainland State of Australia and the Northern Territory. The member universities collectively operate in over 35 different locations reflecting the rich diversity of the nation: capital cities; outer-metropolitan areas; regional cities and towns; and, remote locations. Our members also operate campuses and centres in a number of global locations.
Regional Universities Network

The Regional Universities Network (RUN), a network of six universities all headquartered in regional Australia (CQUniversity, Southern Cross University, University of Ballarat, University of New England, University of Southern Queensland, University of the Sunshine Coast), is committed to enhancing the contribution of regional universities to the economic, social, cultural and environmental development of the regions. The conference will assist regional universities gain insights into higher education workforce planning.