Workshop A - Monday 11th April 2016, 5:00pm – 8:00pm
Implementing Agile practices into Government

Agile in the public sector has become a hot topic over recent years. As
Government look to become more innovative and undergo large scale
transformation such as the move to digital technologies, question marks have begun to rise around the current way of working.


Agile practices have become common place for organisations in the private sector due to the mobility it offers in the face of rapid change. The public sector is no different and more and more agencies are exploring whether Agile is a viable option.
This practical workshop will introduce the concept of Agile methodology and will explain what needs to be done for successful implementation within the public sector.
The workshop will discuss:
• The concept of Agile and what it truly means
• Benefits to be obtained from Agile
• How to gain executive buy in to move to Agile
• Cultural issues and methods to overcome them
• The key steps to ensure the new way of working sticks
• How to manage governance in an Agile environment


Price: from $399 + GST

*Refreshments & dinner provided

Sharyn Clarkson
Assistant Secretary, Online Services Branch
Department of Finance

Sharyn is Assistant Secretary of the Online Services Branch in the Department of Finance responsible for GovSpace, Directory (Gold), govDex and govCMS.  Sharyn has over 15 years experience in digital government,  leading  significant digital transformation programs, and implementing Service Design and Agile in public sector agencies across Australia and New Zealand.

Workshop B - Tuesday 12th April 2016, 5:00pm – 8:00pm
Thinking differently to redesign service delivery capability

Government agencies provide vital information and services that affect people’s daily lives. By putting people first and embracing a user-centric approach, agencies improve the quality of their information and services by making them more useful and usable.
Before you can become truly user centric, it is vital to transform culture and put the user at the heart of the design of a service. This interactive workshop will enable public servants to think differently about the way their services are designed and the role their staff will play in supporting a digital transformation.
This hands on session will enable you to rethink your current service
catalogue, and shift your mindset so you can begin to think with the user at heart. The workshop host will use her experience in Local and State Government to offer practical guidance.
The workshop will discuss:
• What it means to be truly user centric
• How to create a user centred culture
• Methods to research user needs
• How to embed this data into service design
• Steps to create your digital transformation strategy


Price: from $399 + GST

* Refreshments & dinner provided

Gerardine O’Sullivan
Customer Experience Digital Design Lead
City of Boroondara, VIC

Gerardine is an experienced digital strategist who is passionate about making a difference through technology.

She has substantial public sector digital transformation expertise gained over 16 years leading a range of Victorian state government initiatives that have broken new ground and won national and international recognition for their service design innovations and have resulted in significant service improvements and engagement for citizens through the use of digital and mobile platforms.

Under Gerardine’s leadership for seven years as Head of Digital Strategy and Services at the Victorian Department of Health, the department delivered a significant strategic transformation across its digital portfolio to increase consumer literacy, engagement levels and public access to quality health information and services for the Better Health Channel – which is now widely recognised as Australia’s most visited consumer health and medical website with more than 50 million visits each year.

Last year Gerardine recently made the move to local government to pursue an opportunity as principal digital strategist with the city of Boroondara.  In this role Gerardine has designed and is leading a council wide digital services improvement strategy incorporating a range of new web and mobile based services to ensure the customer experiences faster, more seamless, convenient and empowering services.  

Gerardine’s government experience is complimented by an earlier career in television as an ABC Executive Producer, Commissioning Editor and Managing Director of her own digital production company working with remote central and northern Australian indigenous communities.

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