Tailoring teaching approaches to achieve improved student outcomes
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25th & 26th March 2020
CQ Functions Melbourne
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Sue Dalton
Miami State High School, QLD
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Jessica Sargeant
Associate Principal Teaching & Learning
Ballarat High School, VIC
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Bill Weigal
Assistant Principal Curriculum, Assessment & Reporting
Radford College, ACT
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Professor Deborah Corrigan
Professor of Science Education & Director of Education Futures & Former Council
Monash University & Victoria Institute of Teaching
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Steven McPhail
Head of Teaching & Learning
Killester College, VIC
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Elizabeth Cahill
HSIE Teacher
St Matthew's Catholic School, NSW
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Patrick Griffin
Emeritus Professor
University of Melbourne
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Kelly Ryan
Director of Learning
St Francis Xavier College, VIC
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Simone Brown
Director Student Learning Opportunities
Illawarra Christian School, NSW
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Matthew Hill
Director of Research in Learning
Barker College, NSW
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Kerri Batch
College Head of Learning
Aitken College, VIC
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Emma Agius
Head of Learning Area - Humanities & Social Services
Ivanhoe Grammar School, VIC
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Adam Kruger
Head of Learning, Mathematics
Wesley College, VIC
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Scott Rumble
Senior School Leader
Parkdale Secondary College, VIC
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Dionne Juillard
Head of Curriculum - Teaching & Learning
Brisbane Christian College, QLD
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Kristie Barber
Head of Teaching & Learning
Melton Christian College, VIC
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Jane Smith
Head of Student Support
Radford College, ACT
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