3rd Annual
Personalising the student experience journey
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17th & 18th April 2018
Victoria University City Convention Centre, Melbourne
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  • Date: 4 Jul 2017  By: Mark Volchkov

    I recently read an article written by a leading professor in the education sector in Australia saying that vocational education is collapsing on itself due to Government policies, and the results are going to have a devastating impact on individuals and industries alike. This type of sentiment in my opinion is overly pessimistic, which makes …

  • Date: 28 Mar 2017  By: Teresa Finlayson

    Our CIO portfolio launched the Student First Task Force (SFTF) in 2015 with a focus on making processes and systems less confusing for students and creating efficiencies for staff. Our aim is to create a personalised way for our students to engage with the university by putting them first and making things easier, simpler and …

  • Date: 18 May 2016  By: Criterion Content Team

    The VET sector in Australia will probably spend some time reeling from the consequences of the VET FEE-HELP issues and as a nation we will be bearing the cost for years to come. In a recent report by the Parliamentary Budget Office, it is predicted that VET FEE-HELP will account for more than a third …

  • Date: 5 Apr 2016  By: Liz Smith

    Australian universities are experiencing unprecedented growth in distance education. By the end of 2013, more than 200,000 students were studying in external mode, representing more than 14% of higher education enrolments. Given the large numbers of students choosing to study via distance, or online, what are – or should – universities be doing differently to …