Developing strategic direction for cost effective road maintenance
Conference Date
23rd & 24th May 2017
Sydney Boulevard Hotel
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Road owners struggle to maintain their roads under increasing vehicle patronage and stagnate budgets.

The 'Road Engineering & Maintenance' conference will explore award winning delivery models from across Australia and New Zealand to help drive efficiency, improve life cycle costs and value for money in road engineering and maintenance. What will you take away from attending?
    • How to maximise road durability through innovative technology and processes
    • How to improve contractual models to secure best value
    • How to form strategic direction to road maintenance
    • How to develop excellent public engagement practice
Who will attend? Senior leaders, directors and managers from State & Local Government, Contractors, & Industry Associations with responsibility for:
    • Strategic & Networking Planning
    • Infrastructure Development & Management
    • Highway & Network Management
    • Road Maintenance & Engineering
    • Asset Management & Maintenance
    • Contract Development & Management
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Attend to learn:

  • Discover award winning practice from other road authorities
  • Develop excellent customer engagement practice
  • Establish excellent collaboration processes in your maintenance contract
  • Valuable industry insights through networking and knowledge sharing
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Key Speakers

David Darwin
Outcome Delivery Manager, State Highways
New Zealand Transport Agency
Mike Dowd
Infrastructure Strategy & Planning Manager
Wollongong City Council
Catherine Dear
Director Asset Services
Dr Richard Yeo
Asset Program Manager


What People Are Saying

  • “Criterion brings together industry experts, road authorities and contractors, to talk about future opportunities, and how these can be realised. Delegates leave with plenty to think about.”

    Michael Freeman
    Greater Shepparton City Council, Attendee at Road Maintenance 2016
  • “I found the conference to be both influential and inspiring which gave an insight into current road asset and maintenance practices in the road industry.”

    Steve McCallum
    VicRoads, Attendee at Innovative Contract Delivery Models for Road Maintenance 2015


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    It was the sometimes controversial American businessman Harold Geneen who famously said “It is an immutable law in business that words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises but only performance is reality“.  Good performance is an essential part of good management and governance in any organisation.  It assists in ensuring accountability, transparency and …

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