Developing leadership capabilities & enabling career progression
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22nd & 23rd November 2017
QT Canberra
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Inspiring women to lead
The Public Sector’s productivity and success depends on Government departments and agencies being progressive, innovative and more responsive to the changing times. This requires leaders who are confident in their ability, and ready to reimagine success and define new pathways.

Focused on developing leadership capabilities, building resilience and agility, and enabling career progression, the Public Sector Women in Leadership conference will bring together the most prominent and inspirational women from across the Public Sector, to share their experiences and development strategies, from every stage of the leadership journey.

Attend & learn strategies for:
  • Developing a competitive edge in the public sector
  • Breaking down organisational barriers
  • Establishing your voice as a leader
  • Maximising your personal capabilities
  • Taking advantage of opportunities
Who will attend?
Senior and aspiring leaders and also champions of change from:
  • Federal Departments and Agencies
  • State Departments and Agencies
  • Local Government
As well as professionals from HR, learning & development, diversity and inclusion looking to empower leadership within their own organisation.  

Attend to learn:

  • Build resilience & agility
  • Develop your leadership capabilities
  • React well under pressure
  • Influence change & shape the future

Key Speakers

Her Excellency Mrs Naela Chohan
High Commissioner for Pakistan
Jane Halton AO, PSM
Board Member ANZ Bank & Former Secretary, Department of Finance & Department of Health & Former Deputy Secretary Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
Dr Chris Pigram
Former Chief Executive Officer
Geoscience Australia
Liz Cosson AM, CSC
Deputy Secretary & Chief Operating Officer
Department of Veterans' Affairs
Judith Zielke PSM
Deputy Secretary
Department of Infrastructure & Regional Development


What People Are Saying

  • “It is always a privilege to spend time with other women who are journeying on their career path. It is incumbent on all of us to support each other and share our experiences so that we can learn from each other and share those practices that assist us in surviving the journey.”

    Doris Gibb
    Acting Deputy Commonwealth Ombudsman, Commonwealth Ombudsman
  • “If you want to drive systemic cultural change it is important to have opportunities to have frank and fearless discussions, to explore new ideas, to establish a new narrative amongst influencers and those seeking a better world. This event was a great coming together of minds, from presenters to every member of the audience, to enable such a change. Thank you to all those who participated and everyone of us should feel more armed and ready to lead in the public sector as a result.”

    Pia Waugh
    Open Data Specialist, Australian and New Zealand Governments
  • “The female leaders who spoke were heroic, smart and honest, put plainly they were the stuff legends are made of, inspirational. I had the opportunity to meet many women and men in senior leadership roles, people I would never get to meet in my normal sphere. These people had amazing advice and real business solutions to some of the issues I am working to overcome in the APS.”

    Marina Costelloe
    Senior Geophysicist, Geoscience Australia
  • “I was honoured to be amongst such inspiring leaders of the public service and to share my messages around why transformational leadership is so important for enterprise agility in an age of digital disruption.”

    Kristy Dam
    Acting Assistant Commissioner Corporate Applications at Australian Taxation Office, Australian Taxation Office
  • “This conference should be mandatory for all young women (and men) starting out in the public sector careers”

    Diane Di Lallo
    Assistant Director, Information Management Strategy, Department of Veterans’ Affairs, June 2017 Public Sector Women in Leadership conference attendee


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