Strengthen PMO capability & visibility to deliver optimal organisational outcomes
Conference Date
19th & 20th February, 2020
Sydney Boulevard Hotel
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Day 1 - Wednesday 19th February, 2020

Registration, coffee & networking
Welcome remarks from the Chair
Julia Checchia
Program Delivery Manager - Federal Government Agency &
President Sydney Chapter - PMI
Implementing a PMO framework to adapt to business change
CASE STUDY: Providing strategic change leadership and establishing ‘ Partnering for Success (P4S)’ framework
  • Addressing key challenges in infrastructure delivery within the region
  • Exploring the changes implemented and success achieved with the Sydney Water PMO
  • Establishing the industry groundbreaking innovative P4S framework
Mark Simister
Head of Delivery Management
Sydney Water
CASE STUDY: Project assurance in agile environments
  • Why were projects underperforming? Conducting root cause analysis
  • Providing Structure and Clarity to Delivery Approach with ACDB Model   
  • Underpinning the discipline of PM with project assurance
  • Lessons Learned

Louise Gardner
Principal Consultant and Managing Director
Pledge Consulting

In this fun, interactive session, you will have the opportunity to meet fellow attendees and speakers in two minute bursts, to exchange business cards and set up conversations for the rest of the event.

Morning tea & networking
CASE STUDY: Employing multi-agency strategy & policy projects to illustrate the important role of project teams
  • Outlining lessons learned in navigating and influencing in complex changing environments and delivering results
  • Case studies in rapid project start-up and agile delivery
  • Establishing effective project governance and leadership for structuring projects
  • Choosing and tailoring the right methodologies to effectively deliver the project
Paul Hauenschild
Director Strategic Initiatives, Portfolio Strategy
Department of Housing and Public Works QLD
Building a successful partnership with stakeholders
  • How to gain buy-in from both internal and external stakeholders
  • Seizing every opportunity to build up internal support network
  • Improving techniques to improve communication effectiveness
Faheem Jafar
Regional PMO Director
Networking lunch
Aligning the PMO with business strategies
  • Roundtable A Has iterative Scrum Agile methodology destroyed the traditional PMO gates to track end to end progress
    – Facilitated by Sean Walford, State of Matter
  • Roundtable B Improving PMO efficiency by using robotic process automation (RPA) & AI
    – Facilitated by Dr Naomi Mathers, ICCPM
  • Roundtable C Driving optimal project outcomes through data driven decision making approach
    – Facilitated by Dimitrios Margaris, Baxter
Sean Walford
Director of Delivery
State of Matter
Dr Naomi Mathers
Director Industry Liaison & Member Services
Dimitrios Margaris
Enterprise PMO Manager & Transformation Lead
Moving from a reporting to a strategic and forward-thinking role
  • Evolving from a reactive to a proactive operation
  • Managing projects to align with your business outcomes
  • Strengthening leadership capability to improve project performance
Dr Naomi Mathers
Director Industry Liaison & Member Services
The Modern PMO: How PMOs can provide their organisations with the visibility they need, while supporting tools that project managers want to use.
  • What do project managers use to manage their projects
  • How do PMOs report information up to program, portfolio and organisation level ?
  • How to bridge the gap between operating tools and reporting tools

Laith Adel
General Manager
Afternoon tea & networking
CASE STUDY: The Organic PMO: The journey of Yarra Valley Water on enabling a large portfolio of capital works
  • Leveraging your whys to align project goals with business objectives
  • Creating a roadmap for change
  • Integrating communication as an organising theme
Phong Nguyen
Head of Capital Work Portfolio Management Office
Yarra Valley Water
PANEL DISCUSSION: How will Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & AI change how we deliver projects?
  • Can adopting RPA increase the efficiency of your PMO?
  • How do we improve people skills and capability to address the impact of automation?
  • What improvements can your PMO drive in the projects space, and across the business as a whole?
Paul Bernard
Former Executive General Manager Transformation
Richard Hale
Program Management Office Director
NSW Ministry of Health
Steven Milnes
Head of Change Management
QBE Insurance
Dimitrios Margaris
Enterprise PMO Manager & Transformation Lead
Closing remarks from the Chair & close of Day One
Networking Drinks

Day 2 - Thursday 20th February, 2020

Welcome, coffee & networking
Welcome remarks from the Chair
Julia Checchia
Program Delivery Manager - Federal Government Agency &
President Sydney Chapter - PMI
CASE STUDY: Transport infrastructure development and delivery
  • Infrastructure investment and putting customer and community outcomes at the centre
  • Insights from within Transport for NSW
  • Key focus areas for PMO leaders
  • Case study: Delivering the $4.3BN More Trains, More Services Program
Steve Cooper
Deputy Executive Director, Development & Program Investment
Transport for NSW
Influencing and achieving PMO success through partner management
  • Managing multi-provider and/or outsourcing projects
  • Canvasing the change management elements
  • Achieving alignment to business strategy and vision
Jane Hill
Head of EPMO
Toyota Financial Services Australia

In this interactive session, we will unpack some of the key ideas, challenges and questions shared on the big ideas board from the first day of the conference.

Morning tea & networking
How PMOs can use AI to drive predictable project outcomes
  • Laying the foundations with the right solution delivery models (agile, waterfall, hybrid), control points, deliverables and quality criteria
  • How to predict and control business solution quality and team performance
  • Focusing on predictive measures of project success

Michael Devlin
Managing Partner
Facilitating portfolio prioritisation to deliver optimal business outcomes
  • Creating a roadmap for a complete view of portfolios
  • Analysing business expectations to each project
  • Aligning the enterprise portfolio to corporate strategy
Sam Mallett
Head of Program Delivery
Utilising the full lifecycle of a PMO
  • What are the common phases in the lifecycle of a PMO?
  • Analysing the latest Escient PMO survey data on PMO longevity
  • How companies can increase effectiveness and potentially extend the lifespan of their PMO

Matt Robinson
Escient Consulting
Networking lunch
Getting Agile right and aligned
CASE STUDY: Rolling out and implementing Agile ways of working across the business
  • Ensuring alignment with IT including ideation, design and delivery
  • Establishing a quarterly planning rhythm with cross-functional teams across the organisation to deliver business objectives and targets
  • Creating a process to connect plans with strategies
  • Building a case for change:
    • Agility and lean ways of working
    • Proposing a funding model to support agile ways of working
    • Partnering with IT
    • Overcoming funding and capacity challenges
Jo Elias
Head of Agility & Planning
Natarajan Thangaraju
Head of Enterprise Delivery
Agile transformation at scale
  • Journeying through agile transformation
  • Transforming organisational governance structures, partnerships and agreements
  • Enterprise-level adoption through reusable frameworks
Noha Shaban
Senior Project Manager
La Trobe University
Afternoon tea & networking
PANEL DISCUSSION: Will the PMO survive when an organisation is adding more & more Agile teams?
  • What is the future of PMO?
  • What place is there in the modern PMO for project managers?
  • Preparing yourself to adapt to the change of PMO functionality
Jeni Pitman
Former General Manager Transformation & Execution
Ruralco Holding
Paul Hauenschild
Director Strategic Initiatives, Portfolio Strategy
Department of Housing and Public Works QLD
Kynan Hughes
Agile Coach
Service NSW
Incorporating Agile while maintaining a detailed structure
  • Analysing the barriers of implementation
  • Applying the right tools and resources
  • Ensuring flexibility whilst keeping the right level of governance
  • Changing organisational culture from a financial focus to a project focus
Paul Bernard
Former Executive General Manager Transformation
Closing remarks from the Chair & close of Conference
Workshop A: Implementing Benefit Realisation through your PMO
Friday 21st February 2020, 9:00am – 12:00pm

Without an effective benefits realisation process, it is difficult to measure the business impact of projects, the contribution made by the PMO to achieving strategic goals or to justify ongoing expenditures and investment in PM maturity initiatives.

According to PwC, only 62% of programmes can demonstrate a relationship between project objectives, company strategy and the resulting benefits. This is essential for PMO leaders to understand how to improve benefits realisation in your organisation.

Why attend this workshop?

  • Ensure the value of PMO gets demonstrated in the business context
  • Understand the importance between project goals and business outcomes
  • Learn how to Identify, execute and measure benefits

Key takeaways from this session

  • Clarifying the role of a PMO in realisation of benefits
  • How can a PMO assist with business outcomes?
  • Understanding the strategic and operational roles of a PMO that assist in benefit realisation
  • Delivering the value for traditional and modernised PMOs from a strategic and operational lens

* Refreshments provided

Mark Lowy
Former President Melbourne Chapter
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Workshop B: Transforming to Agile
Friday 21st February 2020, 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Increasing demands, shorter delivery cycles and shifting priorities are jeopardising the PMO’s ability to be timely and responsive. To keep up, the PMO has to change its focus from methodology-driven project execution to value-driven business outcomes.

By deepening our understanding of agile principles and practices, PMOs will be in a better position to help achieve strategic business goals and objectives.

Why attend this workshop?

  • Why we do agile, what is the value of agile
  • Understand why Agile is hard to implement
  • What exactly is an Agile mindset?

In this practical combined learning and hands-on workshop, you will learn

  • How to start your own Agile transformation
  • How to shift your focus from choosing the right methodology to applying the practices that suit your own operation
  • How to overcome the challenges in transforming to Agile

* Refreshments provided

Soma Mazumder
Agile Coach
BT Financial Group
Kynan Hughes
Agile Coach
Service NSW
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Key Speakers

Julia Checchia
Program Delivery Manager - Federal Government Agency &
President Sydney Chapter - PMI
Steve Cooper
Deputy Executive Director, Development & Program Investment
Transport for NSW
Faheem Jafar
Regional PMO Director