Survive, thrive & grow in a competitive market


Becoming an agile, lean & sustainable NDIS service provider

Since the rollout of the NDIS, service providers have been, and continue to, grapple with significant organisational transformation in adapting to a new market driven business model, while delivering on their mission. Being a sustainable service provider under the NDIS has compelled service providers to rethink their business strategy and direction as a whole. How well positioned an organisation is to not only survive but grow is often dependent on aligning processes, systems and people.

This Financial Sustainability Masterclass & NDIS Sustainability Intensive Conference will provide a practical and comprehensive guide to help service providers operate more efficiently, diversify revenue streams and navigate change. Develop a toolkit of strategies to improve your financial and organisational performance under the NDIS and learn how survive, thrive and grow in a competitive market.

Who will attend?
NDIS service providers with roles and responsibilities for:
  • CEO
  • CFO/Director of Finance
  • COO/Director of Operations
  • GM State Manager/Regional Manager
  • Manager NDIS/Disability Services
  • Finance Manager/Accountant/Financial Planning
  • Business Managers
  • General Managers

Attend to learn:

  • Strengthen your financial & organisational performance
  • Develop a solid business strategy to survive & grow
  • Eliminate costly process & organisational inefficiencies
  • Drive a better business culture to lead your organisation to success



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