Redesigning your service to maximise profits & reduce overheads post NDIS roll out
Conference Date
13th & 14th June 2018
PARKROYAL Darling Harbour, Sydney
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Become a successful & financially sustainable NDIS care provider
The NDIS has made significant improvements to the lives of Australia’s disabled population. However, service providers are struggling to operate under the NDIS pricing, they are struggling to deliver an effective and high quality service that Australia’s disabled population need.

With the publication of of the Independent Pricing Review by McKinsey & Company, recommendations will be made as to the future of the NDIS pricing that will severely affect the ability of service providers to survive in a fee-for-service market.

The Surviving & Thriving in the NDIS conference gets to the heart of issues that service providers are facing and provides practical solutions to all their pressing business concerns.

Conference highlights
  • Identifying revenue generation streams & viable cost cutting avenues
  • Maximising your workforce around NDIS pricing structure
  • Redesigning ICT to maximise income potential
Who will attend?
  • CEO / General Managers
  • Heads of Services & Programs
  • Manager of Consumer Services
  • Business Development Managers
  • NDIS Transition Managers
  • CFO / Finance Managers

Attend to learn:

  • Unpack the implications of McKinsey & Company’s Independent Pricing Review
  • Run a lean & mean disability service on the NDIS pricing structure
  • Identify & scrap organisational inefficiencies
  • Establish your workforce to maximise income & minimise admin
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Key Speakers

David Carey
Chief Executive Officer
Connectability Australia
Belinda Drew
Chief Executive Officer
Community Services Industry Alliance (CSIA)
Nicole Artico
Executive Director Business Development
Mind Australia
Rhidian Hughes
Chief Executive Officer
Voluntary Organisations Disability Group


What People Are Saying

  • “The conference gave me a great insight into some of the experiences, pitfalls and
    successes of the organisations who have partially or fully transitioned which will aid us
    as we complete our transition to NDIS”

    Karen Wetzler
    Coastlink Attendee at Financial Sustainability for the NDIS Conference 2017


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