Strengthening holistic school approaches to prevention and intervention
Conference Date
24th & 25th October 2017
The Australian Events Centre, Melbourne
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Building resilience and capacity to address a national crisis from a whole-school approach
The prevalence of mental health related issues has risen steeply among young Australians. Nearly one in four teens meet the criteria for probable mental illness and suicide rates in youths are at their highest level in ten years. Schools are confronted with an increase in the volume of students presenting with anxiety and depression and are observing the emergence of this in younger age groups. The Boosting Mental Health & Well-being in Schools conference is about developing and supporting whole school approaches to improve mental health and wellbeing through proactive initiatives and evidence-based programs. Benefits of attending:
  • Establish the foundations to support a wellbeing framework
  • Upskill staff to respond to mental health concerns
  • Deliver evidence-based programs
  • Strengthen whole school approaches
  • Improve parental engagement
  • Access and utilise community mental health resources
Who will attend?
  • Junior & Senior School representatives who are:
  • Principals
  • Deputy Principals
  • Heads of School
  • Heads of Wellbeing
  • Director of Pastoral Care
  • School Counsellors/ Psychologists
  • Year Advisors

Attend to learn:

  • Implement a holistic wellbeing framework
  • Deliver evidence-based programs
  • Strengthen whole-school approaches
  • Develop strategies for parental engagement
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Key Speakers

Jane Burns
Chief Executive Officer
Craig Reid
Professional Services Manager
Principals Australia Institute
David Kolpak
Head of Junior Years – Wellbeing & Administration
St Peter's College, SA
Dorothy Hoddinott AO
Holroyd High School, NSW


What People Are Saying

  • “The effects of mental illness at such a young age can be debilitating and incredibly harmful to an individual’s quality of life, academic achievement, and social participation both in the short term and long term.”

    Catherine Yeomans
    CEO, Mission Australia


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