Maximising the value of healthcare through informing policy & improving practice
Conference Date
22nd & 23rd August 2017
CQ Functions, Melbourne
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Measuring health outcomes is a continued challenge for the healthcare sector as a whole. How do we ensure that the health programs being implemented are informed, cost-efficient and sustainable? Understanding how to best collect and interpret outcomes data is essential to have confidence in the effects of policies and programs, to improve overall health outcomes and maximise the value of healthcare.
This conference will address:
  • Measuring the outcomes of service provision
  • Translating research into improved policy and practice
  • Improving health outcomes through policy design
  • Measuring return on investments
  • Informing the provision of better, safer care
  • How and where to spend public health funding
Who will attend?
  • Federal & State Departments of Health
  • Primary Health Networks
  • Federal & State Government Agencies
  • Health Services
  • Local Health Districts
  • Research Institutes & Universities

Attend to learn:

  • Improve outcomes through policy innovation

  • Use data to prioritise expenditure

  • Improve performance measurement practice

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Key Speakers

Stephen Duckett
Stephen Duckett
Health Program Director
Grattan Institute
Ian Corless
Director of Integrated Care & Commissioning
Wentwest Western Sydney PHN
disne watson edit
Diane Watson
Chief Executive Officer
Victorian Agency for Health Innovation
Dan O Haloran Edit
Dan O’Halloran
Senior Director, Systems Performance
Queensland Health


What People Are Saying

  • “The Measuring Health Outcomes Conference was informative and inspiring. A great selection of presenters talking about their experiences in a range of different parts the Australian healthcare system. Lots of food for thought!”

    Sharon Sweeney
    Sunshine Coast PHN, Past attendee at Measuring Health Outcomes


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  • Margaret Bright
    Date: 25 Feb 2016  By: Margaret Bright
    Monitoring the health of the population is fundamental to the provision of evidence-based services and to improving health status. Governments, non-government agencies and universities all have a role in contributing to the strategic delivery of health outcome reporting. Experience in Queensland over the past decade has identified three critical factors: Health intelligence A recognised vehicle …

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    In a review by the Productivity Commission, public health spending was reported as the biggest rise in government spending. Federal and state government spending on health has risen by 74 % in the past decade. The question now has this investment in health spending led to an improvement in health outcomes? One of the fundamental …

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