The 10th
Understanding & leveraging your impact to make a real difference
Conference Date
13th - 15th August 2019
Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Sydney
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Day 1 - Wednesday 14th August, 2019

Registration, coffee & networking
Opening remarks from the Chair
Embedding outcomes measurement from design to practice
  • Establishing a consistent, sustainable and national approach
  • Embedding data-driven culture
  • Lessons learned and where to from here
Maria Berry
Impact Measurement Project Officer
Mission Australia
Victoria Baird
Acting Impact Measurement Specialist
Mission Australia
CASE STUDY: Developing a robust approach to measure & evaluate outcomes
  • Building your capacity and capability
  • Leveraging outcomes data to influence government
  • Aggregating outcomes data to demonstrate impact at client, program and an organisation level
Anne-Maree Kaser
Chief Executive Officer

In this fun, interactive session, you will have the opportunity to meet fellow attendees and speakers in two minute bursts, to exchange business cards and set up conversations for the rest of the event

Morning tea & networking
Research to practice – Using your outcomes data
  • Overcoming complexity with data collection, measurement and evaluation
  • Using outcomes data in quality improvement cycles
  • Embedding a feedback loop for continuous improvement
Dr Jen Hamer
General Manager, Quality, Outcomes & Research
Relationships Australia NSW
How are governments commissioning & funding for outcomes?
Delivering on outcomes: Approaches to embedding outcomes and evidence

In this session, you will learn about approaches to operationalise outcomes and evidence.

  • Establishing a learning culture for systems leadership
  • Linking action to impact through evidence-informed theories of change
  • Demonstrating change through shared outcomes and measurement frameworks
Stephen Bennett
Senior Policy Officer
Evidence Strategy Department of Health & Human Services, Victoria
Networking lunch
  • Finding the right measurement framework and tools What are the strengths and limitations of different approaches?
  • Evaluating systems changes vs program changes – How do we know what impact we are having?
  • Unpacking the data challenge – What are some effective methods for collecting, storing and analysing your data?
  • Working with your funders – Responding to changes in how governments are commissioning for outcomes and meeting funders’ expectations
The right Social Impact Indicators can make a lifetime’s difference
  • Selecting the social impact indicators for homeless and disadvantaged youth
  • Well-being indicators and the subsequent social impact
Shana Lewis
Residential Services Manager
Stepping Stone House
Afternoon tea & networking
Implementing an outcomes framework at the Heart Foundation
  • Aligning our outcomes framework with our organisational strategy
  • Measuring outcomes against population outcomes
  • Using evaluation data to improve to map and understand our impact at organisational and system level
Joanne Duckworth
Director for Strategy, Planning & Performance
Heart Foundation
Building an impact framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander outcomes
  • A journey and milestones
  • Connecting local, regional, and national priorities
  • Understanding one’s place in place-based, collective impact
John Leha
Sustainability Lead
National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE)
Indu Balachandran
Chief Operating Officer
National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE)
Closing remarks from the Chair & close of Day One

Day 2 - Thursday 15th August, 2019

Welcome, coffee & networking
Opening remarks from the Chair
INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: Using racial equity principles for impact

This session will:

  • Offer a set of racial equity principles that must guide our impact work in organizations and collaboratives
  • Apply those principles to a results framework, bridging the gap between personal commitments to equity and our actions
  • Share examples from successful US organizations who have implemented this framework and transformed their organizations internally and with the community
Erika Bernabei
Founder & Principal
Equity & Results, New York, NY
CASE STUDY: Developing a collective impact backbone
  • Overview of the Geelong collective impact project- How it reduced youth homlessness by 40% in three years
  • Getting all stakeholders on the same page
  • Navigating sometimes complex funding models
  • Lessons learnt and considerations
Max Broadley
Executive Director, Client Services
Barwon Child, Youth & Family, VIC

In this session, attendees will break into small groups depending on what stage of the outcomes journey they are on. You will have the chance to discuss common challenges that you are experiencing and work towards solutions

Morning tea & networking
BRAINSTORM: Collective impact – What are the challenges & opportunities of place based impact & evaluation projects?
  • Developing a collective impact framework
  • Population vs program outcomes- managing funder expectations
PANEL DISCUSSION: How do you achieve consistency in outcomes measurement?
  • Why is consistency important? Benchmarking and attribution
  • What impact does this have on outcomes data and funding?
  • What are the barriers in being able to improve outcomes measurement consistency across the sector?
Julie Hourigan-Ruse
Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Callaghan
Impact Specialist
Australian Social Value Bank
Networking lunch
Who gives a significant difference?
  • Explore approaches to measuring impact that meet different levels of evaluation rigour and stakeholder expectations
  • Discuss the expectations in relation to outcomes evidence that different stakeholders currently expect
  • Provide advice on how you decide which approach to take and tips on how to implement your chosen approach successfully
Andrew Callaghan
Impact Specialist
Australian Social Value Bank
Designing for & evaluating social outcomes
  • Principles for effective outcome measurement: learnings from 3 case study evaluations
  • The growing role for genuine co-design: the benefits and trade-offs
  • Adapting the principles of program evaluation to measure policy and strategy level outcomes
Poppy Wise
Afternoon tea & networking
CASE STUDY: Aspire Social Impact Bond – The story so far
  • Reducing homelessness through social impact investment
  • Aspire program’s experiences with SA’s first Social Impact Bond
  • What outcomes have we achieved? Looking at our first year data
  • Collaboration with government – What’s possible?
Sam Barrett
Social Impact Bond Program Manager
Hutt St Centre, SA
Achieving equitable health & wellbeing by braiding indigenous & western knowledge streams

This session will discuss two initiatives and how we have delivered outcomes to clients by showcasing data that was designed using RBA

  • Puāwai- Overview of this psychoeducation programme that improves foster care parent and child wellbeing
  • Emergency Q- Unpacking this disruptive technology platform that reduces crowding in hospital emergency departments
Sharon Shea
Shea Pita and Associates, New Zealand
Closing remarks from the Chair & close of Conference
Workshop A: Measuring your social impact
Tuesday 13th August 2019, 9:00am – 12:00pm

The workshop

With major shifts occurring in the philanthropic, government and investment sectors there is increasing pressure on the social sector to diversify revenue streams. New tools are being developed and new skills are required to use those tools. Those who cannot clearly demonstrate the impact they are achieving will be left behind.

Drawing on a range of non-profit, social enterprise, shared value and social impact bond case studies, this session will demonstrate different ways of understanding, reporting and measuring outcomes.

Vanessa will discuss how to develop a robust and practical approach to impact measurement and give participants the opportunity to practise the skills through an interactive, structured process.

Attend and learn how to

  • Develop an impact framework that is fit for purpose
  • Design an approach to deliver on that purpose
  • Identify meaningful indicators to measure your impact
  • Distinguish between managing for impact and measuring impact

Price: $399 + GST

* Refreshments provided

Vanessa Lesnie
Principal Consultant
Social Outcomes
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Workshop B: Communicating impact effectively- Storytelling 2.0
Tuesday 13th August 2019, 1:00pm – 5:00pm

The workshop
We are living in an age of information abundance but few organisations are effectively harnessing the right information to tell rich and compelling stories of social change. So what do you need to know to tell a compelling social change story for your organisation?

In this interactive workshop, Mike will outline and take you through the process of stakeholder mapping to understand who your audience is. The workshop will explore what types of stories and evidence are needed for each type of stakeholder and what outcomes are possible and likely.

The workshop will showcase best practice methods of impact reporting and leading examples of successful application both locally and abroad.
The workshop will cover off on the most important elements, tools and outputs to include in communicating your impact to give you the best chance of success.

This workshop is ideal for those with an intermediate understanding of social impact strategy, measurement and communication.

Attending this workshop will enable you to

  • Map your key stakeholders and understand different audiences
  • Understand key approaches to influencing your key stakeholders
  • Learn leading approaches to communicating impact and successful case studies
  • Make better use of your data and information to communicate your impact successfully
  • Use outcomes data to drive quality improvement and your organisation’s effectiveness

Price: $499 + GST

* Refreshments provided

Mike Davis
Managing Director
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Key Speakers

Dr Jen Hamer
General Manager, Quality, Outcomes & Research
Relationships Australia NSW
Erika Bernabei
Founder & Principal
Equity & Results, New York, NY
Sam Barrett
Social Impact Bond Program Manager
Hutt St Centre, SA
Max Broadley
Executive Director, Client Services
Barwon Child, Youth & Family, VIC