Apply new insights to risk management practices to enhance risk leadership
Conference Date
16th November 2018
SMC Conference & Function Centre, Sydney
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Day 1 - Friday 16th November, 2018

Registration, coffee & networking
Opening remarks
Dr Emma Soane
Department of Management
London School of Economics & Political Science
Organisational risk exposure

Organisational risk management practices are designed to achieve particular goals that relate to organisational objectives. Interactive case discussions will allow you to review a range of risk management practices and consider whether they take account of individual, group and organisational process.

Morning tea & networking
Decision making

You will be challenged to consider the importance of understanding real-world decisions, non-rational decision processes and their implications for organisational risk management. Your theoretical toolkit will be expanded through the application of prospect theory and framing, and you will learn how decisions are made and where decisions deviate from rationality.

Individual decision processes

Human architecture has a systematic influence on our thinking about risk. We will examine two aspects of decision processes and consider how they shape the way that we perceive risk. We will also discuss personality and how traits function to influence our risk-related behaviour.

Networking lunch
Team decision processes

Teams introduce individuals to new and diverse sources of information and bring various demands associated with the management of social situations. However, effective team working can increase the quality of decision processes. We will consider team structures and team processes, and discuss ways to enhance the effectiveness of team-level decisions about risk.

Afternoon tea & network
Creating a climate for optimal risk exposure

Risk leadership requires strategic choices about the relationship between risk and return. We will reflect on how choices about risk exposure are made. We will also discuss how leaders create climates for decision making and risk taking, and how these climates can be aligned with strategic goals.

Closing remarks

Day 2 - Friday 16th November, 2018

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Key Speakers

Dr Emma Soane
Department of Management
London School of Economics & Political Science