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25th & 26th February 2020
Canberra Rex Hotel
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Day 1 - Tuesday 25th February, 2020

Registration, coffee & networking
Welcome remarks from the Chair
Stephanie Morrow
Principal Solicitor
Environment Protection Authority Victoria
Innovating for more efficient & effective investigations
CASE STUDY: From the Eureka Stockade to regulating the modern gold miner
  • Maintain effective investigations by adapting to a high-growth sector
  • Improve policy to accommodate industry changes
  • Integrate legislation into new and advanced investigative processes
David Witenden
Manager Investigations
Earth Resources Regulation
Accessing information sources to accelerate & improve investigations
  • Understand privacy restrictions to ensure appropriate information sourcing activities
  • Obtain open-source information to build a stronger evidence base
  • Improve efficiency by prioritising avenues of data and information gathering
Scott McCarthy
Director - Information Release
Department of Human Services

In this fun, interactive session, you will have the opportunity to meet fellow attendees and speakers in two minute bursts, setting up valuable conversations for the rest of the event

Morning tea & networking
PANEL DISCUSSION: Exploring practical applications of regulatory technology
  • Learn from real-life examples of successful technology uptake across agencies
  • Overcome common issues in technology procurement and rollout
  • Integrate unique datasets to pool resources across agencies
  • Explore the future of investigative information-sharing
Dimitri Argeres
Principal Investigator - Compliance Operations Unit
Liquor & Gaming NSW
Nick Pulver
Senior Program Officer
Office of Environment & Heritage NSW
Emily Mahoney
Manager – Compliance & Practice Improvement
Queensland Health
Empowering your digital investigations with actionable intelligence
  • Access data sources from locked mobile devices, social media and other cloud applications
  • Navigate complex datasets to find leads and connections efficiently
  • Discover advanced analysis tools to resolve investigations faster
  • Empower your workforce and simplify the investigative process
Adam Riley
Customer Success Manager
Networking lunch

Join industry leaders and peers in an interactive breakout session to discuss innovative solutions for common challenges in investigations.

Roundtable A: Sharing data for more efficient investigations

Roundtable B: Discovering cutting-edge investigative tools

Roundtable C: Improve productivity and intelligence with case management systems

Senior Representative
Driving multi-agency collaboration to strengthen investigations & enforcement
Strengthening investigations through strategic multi-agency cooperation
  • Combine efforts with law enforcement bodies and other departments for better joint investigations
  • Manage the logistics of multi-agency investigations to avoid setbacks
  • Share resources across agencies for improved delegation and people management
David Marsh
Manager - Enforcement & Inspector Support
Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Afternoon tea & networking
PROJECT FOCUS: Regulation across borders – cross-jurisdictional collaboration
  • Negotiate jurisdictional crossover to mitigate clashes of interest
  • Support effective cross-jurisdictional cooperation with practical strategies
  • Utilise MOUs as a method of strategic collaboration
Alex Taylor
Director of Waste Regulation
Transport Canberra & City Services
Working across public and private sectors to ensure legislative compliance
  • Collaborating with federal, state and territory government agencies on shared objectives
  • Engaging industry and other agencies to investigate non-compliance
  • Reporting and advising on non-compliance, potentially resulting in sanctions
Michael Tahan
Director - Code Operations
The Australian Building and Construction Commission
Closing remarks from the Chair & close of Day One

Day 2 - Wednesday 26th February, 2020

Welcome, coffee & networking
Welcome remarks from the Chair
Stephanie Morrow
Principal Solicitor
Environment Protection Authority Victoria
Maximising compliance with practical solutions
KEYNOTE: The challenges of compliance in outcomes based regulation
  • The move from prescriptive ‘old school’ approaches to a modern, outcomes-based approach
  • Identify the strongest compliance approach
  • Learn new ways to investigate outcomes-based compliance for better enforcement
Anna Cronin
Red Tape Commissioner & Commissioner for Better Regulation
Better Regulation Victoria
Exploring alternative deterrence methods for better regulation
  • Improve deterrence through reputational risk
  • Use competition-focused action to provide compliance incentives
  • Leverage design and technology as a method of deterrence
Brendan Walker-Munro
Investigations Manager
Australian Taxation Office

In this interactive session, you will share your operational challenges, best practices and learn how your industry colleagues and peers are tackling similar issues

Morning tea & networking
CASE STUDY: Increasing compliance through behavioural insights
  • Learn how to apply behavioural insights to everyday practice
  • Harness the potential of modern equipment and tools to improve compliance
  • Translate behavioural data into real, measurable results
Franca Chick
Manager - Compliance Operations
National Heavy Vehicle Regulator
JOINT PRESENTATION: Nurturing meaningful networks to promote compliance
  • Build and maintain effective cross-agency projects
  • Manage the logistics of on and off-site collaboration to maximise efficiency
  • Facilitate ongoing engagement with stakeholders for improved compliance
Rob Sherry
Team Leader Compliance Government Projects
NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment
Claire Miles
Unit Head Metropolitan Infrastructure
NSW Environment Protection Authority
Networking lunch
Navigating legal requirements for better regulation
Utilising the full potential of investigative legislation
  • Understand complex legislation to drive better investigations
  • Break down key legal terms and phrases for an improved understanding of regulatory powers
  • Leverage flexibility where it is available to obtain stronger evidence and maximise investigative capability
Jamie Orchard
General Counsel
Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
Understanding legal requirements for effective prosecutions
  • Meet court evidence standards for improved investigations and prosecution outcomes
  • Increase regulatory efficiency by avoiding legal setbacks
  • Unpack common mistakes with evidence and prosecution briefs to support future enforcement procedures
Stephanie Morrow
Principal Solicitor
Environment Protection Authority Victoria
Afternoon tea & networking
JOINT PRESENTATION: Strategising prosecutions across civil & criminal litigation
  • Determine whether a civil penalty or criminal action is most appropriate for improved enforcement outcomes
  • Understand the behavioural impacts of different enforcement strategies to drive better decision-making
  • Balance regulatory priorities to pursue an effective course of action
Laura Willows
Senior Solicitor, SafeWork SA
Crown Solicitor’s Office
Belinda Matijevic
Manager - Investigations
SafeWork SA
Discovering new ways to measure regulatory success
  • Design new performance metrics with a compliance focus
  • Identify strategies to collate compliance data and prove real results
  • Explore the effectiveness of qualitative versus quantitative metrics for meeting KPIs
Philip McCarthy
Coordinator Compliance Planning & Reporting, Fisheries Compliance Unit
NSW Department of Primary Industries
Closing remarks from the Chair & close of Conference
Workshop A: How to achieve intelligence-led decision making
Monday 24th February 2020, 9:00am – 4:00pm

Traditionally, intelligence-led regulation has involved applying intelligence analysis as an objective decision-making tool to reduce crime and non-compliance. This is an entrenched philosophy that implicates the use of research, evaluation, analysis, and scientific processes in regulatory decision-making.

But how does this stand up against the modern regulatory landscape? What needs to be done to create a consolidated approach to investigating non-compliance and making the community safe?

This full-day workshop will empower people, practice, and technology to achieve intelligence-led, evidence-based decision making for best impact in operations.

Why attend this workshop?

  • Explore whether intelligence-led, evidence-based decision making is fit for purpose today and into the future
  • Discuss the issues and impediments that create blockages to high performing teams achieving the greatest impact in investigations

What you will take away by attending

  • Strategies to deliver positive, high-impact investigative outcomes
  • Actions to minimise gaps, resolve issues, and enhance decision making

* Refreshments & lunch provided

Price: $899 + GST

Phil Kowalick, Beulah Davies & Brett Peppler
Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers
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Workshop B: How to overcome bias in investigations
Thursday 27th February 2020, 9:00am – 12:00pm

Bias occurs automatically and subconsciously. It is influenced by our backgrounds, cultural environments, and personal experiences, and it is triggered whenever we make quick judgements (shortcuts) to assess people and situations.

In this half-day workshop, you will learn practical strategies to mitigate the influence of bias on investigations. Identify your own subconscious biases and discover how to overcome them for stronger investigations that stay on track and leave no page unturned.

Why attend this workshop?

  • Learn how you may be excluding suspects through subconscious bias
  • Examine how your investigative systems and processes may be contributing to bias
  • Understand the impact of your current diversity profile on future success

What you will take away by attending

  • Sophisticated understanding of your own personal biases
  • Methods of self-reflection for proactive bias reduction
  • Proven strategies to adapt investigation methods in order to mitigate bias

* Refreshments provided

Price: $499 + GST

Kevin Rowley
Advanced Trainer - Investigations & Interviewing, Team Leader - Investigations & Emergency Response
Environment Protection Authority SA
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Workshop C: How to strengthen multi-agency investigations & enforcement
Thursday 27th February 2020, 1:00pm – 4:00pm

With a growing number of regulators across Australia and the constant challenge of resource management, it is more important than ever to work together. Successful multi-agency collaboration can enhance the efficiency of investigations, streamline legal processes, and lead to better enforcement outcomes.

This workshop will teach you how to overcome the legal and practical challenges of multi-agency cooperation to regulate more effectively. You will be equipped with the tools, knowledge, and strategies to improve multi-agency collaboration and drive better regulatory outcomes for all parties.

Why attend this workshop?

  • Learn from one of Australia’s leading state government agencies
  • Network with like-minded regulators to strategise for future collaborative efforts
  • Gain a deeper understanding of information restrictions between agencies
  • Learn how to manage multi-agency investigations for improved results

What you will take away by attending

  • Insights from an international regulatory perspective
  • A thorough understanding of internal and external privacy legislation
  • Strategies to navigate the logistics of multi-agency collaboration
  • Tools to ensure optimum resource allocation across multi-agency investigations

* Refreshments provided

Price: $499 + GST

Valerie Griswold
Executive Director Investigations & Enforcement
NSW Fair Trading
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Key Speakers

Anna Cronin
Red Tape Commissioner & Commissioner for Better Regulation
Better Regulation Victoria
Brendan Walker-Munro
Investigations Manager
Australian Taxation Office
Stephanie Morrow
Principal Solicitor
Environment Protection Authority Victoria
Scott McCarthy
Director - Information Release
Department of Human Services