Lily Viertmann

Chief Finance Officer

Department of the Environment

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Lily Viertmann was appointed Chief Finance Officer for the DotE following a 20 year career in the Commonwealth and State public sectors. She took on the role during a period of unprecedented growth in the department, when the department was evolving from policy and program management to a large and complex operation responding to challenges from a large number of new stakeholders. In her current role, Lily manages a staff profile of over 100, influences the strategic financial direction of the Department, champions strategic and operational financial planning and supports the implementation of the financial management framework. At its peak, the department had a budget of $6.7 billion.

Speaking On:
Embracing the change
PANEL DISCUSSION Delving into challenges and opportunities stemming from policy changes

3% by 2020

Beginning with a short-term goal of 0.5% of services for the coming financial year, Commonwealth portfolios are to develop their Indigenous procurement to a long-term, sustainable rate of 3% by 2020. For many departments, this will mark a significant increase. With active discussion also taking place on a state level regarding future planning for Indigenous procurement strategies, it is an important time for procurement professionals in developing effective future strategies. Procurement officers need to maintain value for money in their contracts whilst sourcing new Indigenous organisations that have the capacity to meet their requirements.

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  • Identify & engage Indigenous businesses

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  • Drive value-for-money in contracts

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  • Sustain long-term growth in Indigenous procurement
Day 1

Ian Cumming

Executive Director, South East Program

Department of Defence

Karen Walker-Jones

Assistant Director, Procurement, Grants & Delegations

Department of Agriculture

Michael Quigg

National Strategic Account Manager


Mark Daniels

Head of Strategy & Market Development

Social Traders

Day 2

Paul Kruspe

Assistant Commissioner, Procurement

Australian Taxation Office

Stephen Hoyne

Executive Director, Major Projects, Procurement & Contract Services

Department of Infrastructure, NT


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