Process improvement from sourcing through to vendor relationships
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27th & 28th June 2017
QT Canberra
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What should the future of ICT Procurement look like?

With government agencies undertaking large scale ICT transformation programs such as moving to the cloud and digital transformation, questions are being asked about the future of ICT procurement. As pressure grows from within government to increase the work with small to medium sized vendors, to enable greater agility, it is a time for change.

The ‘Driving Change in ICT Procurement’ conference will bring together leaders from across the sector to network and discuss future strategies for success.

Enhance your conference experience with:

  • 14 fantastic speakers discussing their case studies around ICT procurement change
  • Speed Networking session: get ready to meet new people, make connections & build your network
  • Roundtable sessions to hear about leading technologies and business processes
  • Panel of Vendors analysing how Government could change to improve the relationships with vendors
  • Spotlight session: to get all of your pressing questions answered

Who will attend?

Leaders from the Public Sector including:

  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Procurement Officers
  • Heads of Vendor Management
  • Heads of Contract Management
  • Heads of IT Procurement
  • Heads IT Sourcing
  • Heads of ICT
  • Heads of Category Management

Attend to learn:

  • Changing the ICT procurement landscape
  • Processes to improve ICT sourcing

  • Strategies to enhance vendor relationships

  • Cultural changes & skill gaps

Key Speakers

Angus Taylor MP
Minister for Digital Transformation & Cities
Australian Government
Catherine Thompson
Head of Digital Marketplace
Digital Transformation Agency
Anthony Barac
National Manager Vendor Management
Department of Human Services
Adam Pase
Assistant Commissioner Strategic Procurement & Contracts
Australian Taxation Office


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