Driving the “Missing Middle” and high-quality housing options
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26th & 27th May 2020
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Day 1 - Tuesday 26th May, 2020

Welcome remarks from the Chair
Dr. Barnaby Bennett
Senior Editor
Right Angle Studio
Exploring successful strategies to deliver housing density & diversity
The Hon. Melinda Jane Pavey, MP
Minister for Water, Property and Housing
Working through community engagement challenges to deliver on district housing targets
  • Involving communities during planning for new housing delivery to understand impacts on existing neighbourhoods
  • Identifying and selecting optimal new housing locations
  • Providing for adequate new housing while maintaining and enhancing local character
Norma Shankie-Williams
Strategic Planning Lead
City of Willoughby

Delegates would use a link to join a Zoom group where they would be randomly shuffled into breakout groups where they would have the opportunity to meet other delegates digitally. After a few minutes, the delegates will be shuffled into new groups to meet other attendees.

Morning break
Reviewing state guidelines & approaches to housing density & diversity
  • Understanding how government architects can support key stakeholders in the delivery of quality housing projects
  • Exploring the best practice quality standards to optimise densification
  • How government agencies can promote design excellence to boost quality in residential development
Malcolm Middleton
Queensland Government Architect
Office of Queensland Government Architect
Exploring challenges & opportunities when planning for housing diversity
  • Developing planning approaches to ensure design cohesion in fastgrowing neighborhoods
  • Strategising to deliver a diverse range of housing to suit local community needs
  • How to unlock new opportunities for diverse housing typologies
David Birds
Group Manager City Planning
City of Parramatta
Developing Whittlesea’s award-winning Housing Diversity Strategy
  • Supporting the development of accessible and adaptable housing to accommodate residents
  • Achieving preferred character and design objectives by encouraging generous landscaping, high quality development and enhancing amenity
  • Implementing Local Planning Policy and Schedule changes to facilitate local housing diversity strategies
Linda Martin-Chew
Team Leader Projects and Infrastructure Strategic Planning and Economic Development
City of Whittlesea
Fiona Henningsen
Team Leader Urban Design
City of Whittlesea
Driving high-quality design for the “missing middle”
Addressing local housing supply & shortage challenges
  • How can outer-ring suburbs effectively engage with density and diversity to prepare for future population growth?
  • Strategising to address a mismatch between local housing supply and demand
  • Understanding the practical challenges of local housing strategy implementation
Jillian McQuade
Coordinator Integrated Planning
Hume City Council
CASE STUDY: Addressing design quality issues in medium density housing in Moreland
  • Developing a medium and high density review to plan for future housing diversity
  • Understanding challenges in medium-density housing through community and industry consultation
  • Designing the “carrot and stick” framework from a local government perspective
Vita Galante
Planning Team Coordinator
Moreland City Council
Tri Setyani
Senior Urban Designer
Moreland City Council
Better Places: Designing for Diversity
  • Avoiding poor design processes that impact sense of place and community perceptions of growth
  • Mapping housing growth to align with local strategic plan objectives, character and growth capacities
  • Employing best practice design standards to create liveable and community-focused sense of place
Alicia Pozniak
A/Principal Design and Research
Government Architect NSW
Closing remarks from the Chair & close of Day One

Day 2 - Wednesday 27th May, 2020

Welcome remarks from the Chair
Dr. Barnaby Bennett
Senior Editor
Right Angle Studio
Leveraging alternative housing models to promote affordability & sustainability
CASE STUDY: Unpacking insights from Victoria’s Middle Suburb Housing Competition
  • How urban design competitions can encourage innovation and solve housing challenges
  • Developing new housing design and delivery methods to boost housing diversity in middle suburbs
  • Exploring insights from the competition to improve the future of housing in Victoria
Stefan Preuss
Associate Victorian Government Architect
Office of the Victorian Government Architect
CASE STUDY: Planning insights from City of Moonee Valley’s award-winning “MV2040 Strategy”
  • Developing 20-minute neighbourhoods to better plan for services and housing
  • Aligning residential growth with accessible and sustainable transport choices to produce a more connected and healthy city
  • Implementing neighborhood planning to address unique local challenges and improve liveability
Corina de Araujo
Senior Strategic Planning
Moonee Valley City Council

Delegates will use a link to join Zoom where they will each have the opportunity to voice their biggest challenges, ask questions and give examples of how each of them are trying to innovate.

Morning break
CASE STUDY: Testing innovative housing types & delivery models with the “ACT Demonstration Housing Project”
  • How non-competitive delivery projects can offer projects that explore sustainability, design, build quality and medium density infills in new ways
  • Involving the community through a deliberative democracy Collaboration Hub
  • Informing future government policy and statutory planning changes to create better housing choices and outcomes
Lea Durie
Executive Branch Manager, Urban Renewal
Environment Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate
CASE STUDY: Exploring affordable housing models through “The Third Way” project
  • Incorporating international perspectives into the development of innovative housing models in Australia
  • Implementing new design frameworks to enable more dynamic and liveable cities across the country
  • Imagining a third way between market housing and social housing, and ownership and renting
Katherine Sundermann
Associate Director
MGS Architects
Supporting growth by aligning planning, infrastructure & transport
Planning to support regional growth in Bathurst
  • Increasing living densities in appropriate locations to accommodate housing needs and encourage housing choice
  • Encouraging high quality urban design principles to manage densification and complement existing regional character
  • Improving walkability and accessibility by coordinating housing stock with city centres, infrastructure and transport
Neil Southorn
Director - Environmental Planning and Building Services
Bathurst Regional Council
Managing growth & change in an already developed city
  • How can middle ring areas tackle the growth question with no greenfield to grow
  • Integrating new housing developments within an existing city structure
  • Maximising existing services, transport and amenity to support growth
Simon Manoski
Director Planning
City of Canterbury Bankstown
CASE STUDY: How HIP V. HYPE is helping to create a sustainable housing future
  • Using existing planning schemes to incentivise innovative housing projects
  • Working towards renewable goals to lift housing sustainability standards
  • How key projects like Nightingale 2.0 navigate planning, design and development processes
Liam Wallis
Founding Director
Closing remarks from the Chair & close of Conference
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Key Speakers

The Hon. Melinda Jane Pavey, MP
Minister for Water, Property and Housing
Malcolm Middleton
Queensland Government Architect
Office of Queensland Government Architect
Liam Wallis
Founding Director
Lea Durie
Executive Branch Manager, Urban Renewal
Environment Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate