Strengthening collaborative strategies to reduce violence & aggression
Conference Date
21st & 22nd August 2018
Sydney Boulevard Hotel
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How safe is your workplace?
Research shows that up to 95% of healthcare staff experience violence in the workplace - WorkSafe Victoria.

Violence and aggression towards healthcare staff is unacceptable, but significantly under-reported. Responses are often conducted in silos, with little coordination across departments and agencies, putting staff at greater risk. Consistently being exposed to incidents of occupational violence and aggression have a negative impact on staff mental health and well being and overall hospital safety.

The Improving Safety & Security conference will address the need for a change in culture, to better foster collaborative approaches, sharing and improving existing proactive and reactive strategies and safeguarding the mental health and well-being of all hospital staff.

Benefits of attending
  • Collaborating and communicating across departments to transform ethos & safety culture
  • Smashing the stigma to promote staff well-being & post-incident support
  • Encouraging staff reporting of incidents to drive data & inform funding
  • Breaking out of silos to encourage interdisciplinary & interagency partnerships
Who will attend?
Clinicians responsible for:
  • Emergency
  • Aged Care
  • Drug & Alcohol
  • General Medicine
Security & patient personnel responsible for
  • Security Services
  • Patient Support Services
  • Operations

Attend to learn:

  • Reduce occupational violence and aggression and promote a culture of safety
  • Strengthen prevention strategies to de-escalate and proactively manage incidents
  • Foster interdisciplinary and collaborative responses to occupational violence
  • Promote staff health and well-being in the workplace
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Key Speakers

Brett Holmes
General Secretary
NSW Nurses & Midwives' Associations
Peter Myers
Coordinator of Prevention Management of Violence & Aggression
Hunter New England Local Health District
Susan Harding
Nurse Unit Manager
Royal Melbourne Hospital
Dr Diana Egerton-Warburton
Director of Emergency Medicine Research
Monash Health


What People Are Saying

  • “Criterion facilitated an excellent conference that was both informative and enjoyable. Passionate knowledgeable speakers that encouraged discussion on the very hot topic of occupational violence in healthcare”

    Jim Snipe
    The Alfred Hospital & Conference Attendee at Improving Hospital Safety & Security, February 2018


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