Masterclass Series
Connecting proactive prevention strategies with cultural transformation


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First responders are routinely exposed to high levels of potentially traumatic incidents on the job. This coupled with everyday stress factors puts officers at risk, making a proactive mental health strategy imperative to the long term health and wellbeing of your workforce. Moreover, there is significant risk associated with cumulative exposure that needs to be addressed. Despite positive strides in the last few years, stigma around mental health continues to challenge first responder agencies and can undermine help-seeking behaviours and the success of prevention building strategies.

The Developing & Implementing Mental Health Strategies for First Responders masterclass is your opportunity to tackle the myths and misconceptions around mental health and overcome cultural stigma to build a sustainable and evidence based strategy to improve health, wellbeing and resilience.

The role of workplace culture and leadership will be a key consideration – including how they can enhance or hinder the effectiveness of other psychological support initiatives.

Who will attend?
Directors, managers, officers and psychologists from Police, Fire and Emergency Services, Ambulance and other first response agencies with responsibilities for:
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • People and Culture
  • Psychological Services
  • Employee Assistance (EAPs)
  • Critical Incident Response
  • OHS / WHS

Attend to learn:

  • An understanding of the impact of leadership and workplace culture on mental health and wellbeing strategy
  • An exploration of why culture can be so resistant to change in Police and Emergency Service organisations
  • The case for leadership culture change and skills to better engage leaders and stimulate culture change
  • Strategies to improve mental health literacy and awareness to overcome stigma
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