Harvard Business Schools Boris Groysberg Presents The 2nd Annual
Accelerating the advancement of female leaders & executive teams
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Day 1 - Thursday 25th July, 2019

Registration, coffee & networking
Opening remarks & introduction
Session 1: Leading a successful career
CASE STUDY: Maggie Wilderotter – The evolution of an executive
  • Review Maggie’s highly successful 30 year career journey, which includes her being CEO of two publicly traded companies and serving on 32 corporate and 9 association and NFP boards of directors
  • Examine her personal characteristics and pinpoint what made her such a successful executive and board member
  • Identify the turning points in Maggie’s career; the decisions she made and the way in which she built her skills
  • Recognise her strengths and weaknesses and learn from how she compensates for her shortfalls
  • Discuss and assess the value Maggie adds as a board member
  • Relate Maggie’s experience to how you can lead a highly successful career
Morning tea & networking
Session 2: Leading success by building a diverse & inclusive team
CASE STUDY: Rise of the equity research department
  • Identify the critical success factors that led to the spectacular rise and how you can apply these to your organisation
  • Understand how the department’s manager built an inclusive culture and how this catapulted the team to success
  • Relate the manager’s experience to how you can drive success by building a diverse and inclusive team
  • Reflect on one’s own leadership style and answer the question: Are you an inclusive leader?
  • Learn from leaders around the world who have taken action to build inclusive organisations
Networking lunch
Session 3: Taking your team & organisation to the next level

Companies need talent to drive their strategies forward to innovate, to adapt, and to execute flawlessly. But whether you are seeking an executive or a thousand brokers, how can you find the talent you need?

HBS Professor Boris Groysberg draws on the research to discuss best practices for growing top-performing employees and building high-performing organisations with inclusive cultures. He shows how leaders who take a more balanced approach to human capital management and nurture talent from within can create more resilient, successful organisations.

In this session, we will examine strategies for taking ourselves, our teams and our organisations to the next level and the latest thinking about becoming a star and how it differs for women and men.

Afternoon tea & networking
Session 4: Peer-to-peer networking & coaching

Guided by Professor Groysberg, in this interactive session delegates will write down a short list of current challenges and opportunities that they face. Delegates will then ask 2-3 people at their table to share advice on those things. Delegates will then rotate so they end up talking to a number of people in the room to gain invaluable advice and lessons.

Closing remarks
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Key Speakers

Boris Groysberg
Professor of Business Administration
Harvard Business School