Analysing & interpreting data to drive learning outcomes
Conference Date
15th & 16th August 2018
Sydney Boulevard Hotel
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Translate data into evidence-based strategy
Data is the cornerstone for evidence-based teaching and while schools have access to robust data, collecting high-quality data and translating it into strategy continues to challenge schools. Under more pressure than ever to deliver better student outcomes, data driven, and evidence-informed teaching practice, is essential to drive continuous improvement in learning not only for literacy and numeracy, but also for 21st-Century learning skills.

The Evidence Based Teaching in Schools conference will explore how schools can use the evidence available to them, collect new high-quality evidence of student learning and engage teachers to develop evidence informed practices in the classroom to sustain continuous improvement in learning and teaching.

You will learn how to
  • Collect high-quality, useful data and manage this data effectively in a central student database
  • Analyse and translate data to inform whole of school strategy and classroom practice
  • Use data from student feedback to create a positive learning environment
  • Make data accessible for teachers and build a community of practice to empower action research
  • Evaluate the impact of evidence-based practice in the classroom and on learning
Who will attend?
Principals and senior school leadership with responsibilities for:
  • Teaching
  • Learning
  • Professional Development
  • Research
  • Curriculum
  • Pedagogy

Attend to learn:

  • Collect & analyse robust student data to develop school & classroom teaching strategy
  • Using student data to better tailor & differentiate learning
  • Tracking & measuring the impact of evidence-based teaching
  • Building data literacy & teacher efficacy for evidence-based practice
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Key Speakers

Brad Swibel
Deputy Head of Secondary School
St Andrew's Cathedral School
Samantha Donoghue
Education Officer, Learning Services
Catholic Schools Office Lismore
Sara Covill
Education Services Officer, Teaching & Learning
Independent Schools Queensland
Susan Ogden
Dandenong High School


What People Are Saying

  • “An inspirational 2 days with passionate presenters who were proud of the work they have achieved in their schools, sharing their experiences and resources with others.”

    Biana Duell
    Primary Integrated Studies, Aitken College
  • “The conference was well organised, with engaging and experienced presenters who provided valuable insights from Primary, Secondary and Tertiary contexts.The value of creating a positive staff and student learning culture in schools was reinforced through a variety of methods with a common theme, accessing relevant data and using it to inform quality learning.”

    Andrew Grattan
    Director of Studies Knox Junior Academy, Knox Grammar School
  • “I came away from the conference with lots of new ideas and insights to enrich projects I am already working on, and inspiration for lots of new ones!”

    Kerri Batch
    College Head of Learning, Aitken College
  • “The collection of speakers offered highly relevant material with tangible evidence as to how schools can effectively embed evidence-based practices. As a collection, the breadth of their expertise and focus were varied and complementary, while remaining connected to the guiding principle of the conference.”

    Emma Aigus
    Head of Humanities, Ivanhoe Grammar School & Past Delegate at Evidence-based Teaching in Schools Conference, Melbourne 2018


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