Enhancing perpetrator interventions to ensure the safety of women and children
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24th & 25th June 2020
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Engaging men to end family violence

In Australia, the majority of perpetrators of intimate partner violence are men.

However, men play a key role in changing this narrative and in ending family violence.

The Working with Men to End Family Violence conference will focus on how we can engage men who use violence in evidence-based interventions to bring about change and break the cycle of abuse, power and control. Together, we will examine how we can strengthen the web of accountability of perpetrators to keep women and children safe. You will learn how to practice responses to men who use domestic and family violence are being strengthened through a whole of community, integrated approach. Building on this agenda for change, you will walk away with new approaches and an enhanced understanding on how to engage with men in a non-collusive way and how to invite them to begin the change process, while supporting women and children towards a life of freedom from abuse. To drive this change, we invite you to join practitioners and senior leaders from Australia and internationally who will build on current and emerging approaches for engaging with men who use violence.

What’s new this year?
  • Three new keynote speakers - Hear from Jess Hill - Our Watch award winning Investigative Journalist, Alan Jenkins - an expert practitioner and Author on the ethical engagement with men who use violence and abuse, and Alessandra Pauncz PhD - an international Psychologist and Head of Working with Perpetrators European Network
  • A more interactive program - Giving you the opportunity to share, discuss and attend workshops
  • New panel discussions on unpacking the integration of MBC with AOD, mental health and housing and risk assessment
  • A spotlight on programs from the second round of the NSW Domestic and Family Violence Innovation Fund • A session looking specifically at community trauma and family violence after disasters
  • New presentations examining impact evaluation in MBCP, Risk Needs Response models, narrative invitational approaches to working with men, intersectional responses to violence and strategies to enhance service system integration and improve perpetrator accountability

Who will attend?
Representatives of the Community, Government, Police and Justice sectors with responsibility for:
  • Family/Domestic Violence
  • Men’s Behaviour Change
  • Women
  • Children/Child Protection
  • Families
  • Violence Prevention
  • Mental Health
  • Drug and Alcohol

If you or someone you know is impacted by family violence call the Men's Referral Service on 1300 766 491 or 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732. In an emergency, call 000

Benefits of attending

  • Build workforce capacity & enhance collaborative practice through better service integration
  • Use emerging evidence to inform practice interventions in men’s behaviour change programs
  • Target interventions for perpetrators using risk needs response models
  • Improve the integration of MBC with mental health & housing
  • Discuss strategies to better address & manage vicarious trauma in the workforce
  • Unpack current & emerging ways we can support victims & reach perpetrators during isolation in response to COVID-19

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Key Speakers

Jess Hill
Investigative Journalist & Author, See What You Made Me Do
Our Watch & Walkley Award Winner
Berta Vall
Research and Development Manager
European Network for Work with Perpetrators
Jacqui Watt
Chief Executive Officer
No to Violence
Alan Jenkins
Clinical Psychologist & Author, Invitations to Responsibility & Becoming Ethical
NADA Counselling & Consulting


What People Are Saying

  • “Thank you for a great conference, showcasing a fantastic line-up of new and innovative projects and the calibre of speakers was really exceptional. It was truly inspirational and great energy in the room throughout the conference.”

    Anna Haylock
    Counselling Services Lead, Anglicare Australia & Working with Men to End Family Violence conference attendee, 2019


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