4th Annual
Understanding SDA to innovate for a better future in disability housing
Tony Rutherford
Mills Oakley
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Keelin Byrne
Housing Coordinator, SDA
Hume Community Housing Association
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Richard Coulson
Cox Architects
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Mark Edwards
Director of Property & Housing
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Melanie Southwell
General Manager
Specialist Disability Accommodation Alliance
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Andrew Beer
SDA Researcher
University of South Australia
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Stephen Vick
Development Manager
Guardian Living
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Lindsay Kelly
Chief Executive Officer & Director
Independent Living Villages
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Jonathan Bredin
Calling the Brain's Bluff
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Charles Northcote
Chief Executive Officer
Blue CHP
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Stephen Oliver
Sector Lead for Social & Afforable Housing
ANZ Health
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Mark Lawler
General Manager, Property
Achieve Australia
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Shaun Whittaker
Mills Oakley Lawyers
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