Innovative practices to link data & improve capability
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26th & 27th July 2017
Hotel Realm, Canberra
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The recent March 2017 publication from the Productivity Commission ‘Data Availability and Use’ is pushing Government Departments and Agencies to help create an open data sourced Australian Government.
The 'Data Analysis for Effective Decision Making' conference provides all the practical information on how to link and share data sets while maintaining privacy concerns, and ultimately drive the Australian Government to be a smart data Government.  

This event will focus on:

  • Understanding the impact of data sharing & the privacy landscape
  • Improving analytics capabilities
  • Improving data quality and therefore decision making

Who will attend?

Federal & State government representatives with responsibilities and roles of:

  • Data Analytics
  • Data Science & Mining
  • Research & Reporting
  • Performance & Strategy
  • Project Officers
  • Information Architects

Attend to learn:

  • Learn how to better link & share data sets

  • Improve your analytics capability

  • Understand the data privacy landscape

  • Improve the visualisation of data

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Key Speakers

Evelyn Wareham
General Manager, Customer Support & Development
Statistics New Zealand
Dr. Amy Shi-Nash
Head of Data Science
Commonwealth Bank
Emily Mason
General Manager, Engagement
Social Investment Agency
Peter Worthington-Eyre
Chief Data Officer
Department of the Premier & Cabinet, SA


What People Are Saying

  • “A great conference for organisations who are looking to leverage their data assets and invest in future analytics capabilities.”

    Chris Clapp
    Department of Education & Training Attendee at Data Analytics for Effective Decision Making July 2016


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  • Date: 22 Jun 2017  By: Emily Mason

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