Balancing privacy & risk to enhance data sharing
Conference Date
17th & 18th July 2019
Canberra Rex Hotel
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Melanie Drayton
Assistant Information Commissioner
Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
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David Fricker
National Archives of Australia
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Tyson Fawcett
Senior Director of Data Management
Australian Taxation Office
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Ellen Broad
Independent Data Specialist & Head of Technical Delivery, Consumer Data Standards
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Miriam Lips
Professor Digital Government
Wellington School of Government, Victoria University
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Samantha Gavel
Privacy Commissioner
Information & Privacy Commissioner NSW
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Sarea Coates
Department of Environment & Energy
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Katherine Johnston
Director Transport Analytics
Department of Transport & Main Roads, QLD
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Ric Clarke
Director, Emerging Data & Methods
Australian Bureau of Statistics
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Andrew Owen
Repository Manager
Geoscience Australia
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Anne Kinsella
Director Digital Products
Transport for NSW
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Ruth Layton
Data Governance Manager
WorkSafe Victoria
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Kevin Jeffrey
Former Chief Data Officer
IP Australia
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Jeremy Thorp
Privacy Enhancing Systems Group Leader
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