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22nd & 23rd May 2018
SMC Conference & Function Centre, Sydney
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Where are you up to with customer experience?
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Customer experience is critical for providers looking to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market. From marketing to admissions to care workers, every customer touchpoint will need to become seamless and consistent to retain current consumers and attract new ones.

Become proactive at the Customer Experience in Aged Care conference. Better understand your customer through journey mapping and leverage data analytics to continually improve customer experience at every touchpoint and drive long term business outcomes.

Topics to be explored:

  • Applying data analytics to measure customer experience and continually drive improvement across all customer touch points
  • Retaining customers and building a pipeline through ongoing client relationships
  • Promoting your public brand identity and aligning external brand with the perception of internal stakeholders
  • The future role of reviewer, rating and aggregator sites and the impact on customer experience
  • Driving and sustaining long term culture change for a customer centric workforce

This event will be attracting:

Senior Executives, General Managers and Directors from Home, Community and Residential Care providers with responsibilities for:
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Service
  • Client Engagement
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Human Resources
  • Strategy & Operations

Attend to learn:

  • An international keynote from the UK to examine to thrive in a commercial market
  • Strategies to better understand the customer & their journey
  • Data analytics & tools to measure & build long lasting client relationships
  • Insights to transform organisational culture & create internal brand advocates
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Key Speakers

Anna McEwen
Executive Director, Support & Development
Shared Lives Plus
Nicola Reynolds
General Manager, Customer Innovation & Marketing
Adjunct Professor Alan Lilly
Chief Executive



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