Building commitment | Enhancing capacity | Measuring performance
Conference Date
12th & 13th February 2019
The Grace Hotel, Sydney
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Driving your transformation to a customer-centric organisation
In achieving customer service excellence there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ and the Achieving Customer Excellence in Public Services conference will showcase the diverse ways in which public sector departments, agencies and local councils are setting their customer-centric service strategies, providing unique insights into the key factors for success. The key themes that presentations and discussions will revolve around are:
  • Building commitment - learn how to create the customer-centric mindset and integrate the customer culture into your organisational planning
  • Enhancing capacity - assess best practices in how to train, upskill, create agile teams and integrate customer insights to your service strategy
  • Measuring effectively - learn to set the standards, choose the tools, evaluate what works and what doesn’t
Who will attend?
Senior Executives and Directors from Federal, State and Local Government with responsibilities for:
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Experience
  • Service Delivery
  • Customer Contact
  • Customer Strategy and Insight
  • Client Services
What's new in 2019
  • More presentations on building customer-centric service strategies
  • Exclusive insights into Forrester Research on the state of Customer Experience in Government
  • More interactive networking opportunities - 4 focused discussion groups will be facilitated by thought leaders within this space
  • Out of industry presentations that can be easily applied to public sector services

Attend to learn:

  • Improving customer services effectively and efficiently
  • Empowering the organisation to deliver exceptional customer experiences
  • Accelerating results through innovative training and learning techniques
  • Quantifying the impact of strategic initiatives to build the business case
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Key Speakers

Patrick Lloyd
Director Service Delivery, Client Account Services
Australian Taxation Office
Glenn King
Customer Service Commissioner
NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet
Helen Lever
General Manager, Customer and Corporate
Northern Beaches Council
Michael Berndt
Chief Customer Experience Officer
eHealth Queensland


What People Are Saying

  • “I walked away from the conference motivated and full of ideas”

    Anna Cooper
    Program Leader Customer Service, Armidale Regional Council
  • “I would highly recommend you attend a criterion conference. They are professional in their commitment to conferences prior to, during and after the event that they hold. Well done Criterion!!”

    Wayne Hampel
    Coordinator Customer Service, Barossa Council
  • “Well worth my time, full of practical information and instructions on how to start on a digital customer service strategy in the public sector”

    Michelle Chambers
    Customer Service Manager, City of Murray Bridge
  • “The conference was very beneficial and I gained some interesting insights into other government agencies in the way we all try to achieve the same goal in customer experience”

    Christine Armstrong
    Business Strategy and Management Officer, Australian Taxation Office


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